Judge Ruling Eliminates SAT, ACT Standardized Tests From UC Admissions ProcessA judge in Alameda County has found that, because of coronavirus, the SAT standardized test discriminates against people with disabilities. That means the test is out the University of California.
College Bribery Scandal: Ross Couple Pleads Guilty To Paying $250,000 To Get Daughter Into USCA California couple agreed Friday to plead guilty to paying $250,000 to get their daughter into the University of Southern California as a fake volleyball recruit. According to the plea deal, Diane Blake will serve six weeks in prison and Todd Blake will serve four months. Both will pay a $125,000 fine.
Stay Home Order Forces Bay Area High School Seniors To Commit To Colleges They Can't VisitHigh school seniors across the country are forced to make big life decisions when it comes to choosing a college to attend without ever leaving their homes, as universities cancel campus tours during the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Update: University Of California System Eases Admission And Testing RequirementsUniversity of California officials on Wednesday announced administrators will relax undergrad admissions requirements for students hoping to enroll in the system for the fall of 2020 and future years in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, easing SAT testing and grading conditions.
Sacramento State University Accidentally Admits 3,500 Waitlisted StudentsAdd Sacramento State to the list of universities that accidentally sent out welcome letters to students before final decisions were reached.
Charter Schools Under Fire For Discriminatory Enrollment PracticesBay Area charter schools among 253 charter schools in California under fire for discriminatory or exclusionary enrollment policies.
CSU Gets Record Number Of Applications For Fall 2016CSU received a record number of applications for the 2016 fall term. More than 830,000 prospective students applied.
UC President Wants To Make More Room For California StudentsUniversity of California President Janet Napolitano is asking the system's governing board for permission to enroll 5,000 more California residents next fall at the nine campuses that serve undergraduates.
Survey: 25% College Admissions Officers Feel Pressure To Admit Students With Better Connections Than QualificationsThe survey by Kaplan Test Prep asked admissions officers at 400 of the top colleges if "the admissions process is rigged for the well-connected applicant?"
Could Your Next Tweet Hurt Your Chances Of Getting Into College?Your child’s next tweet or Facebook post could be hurting their chances of getting into college. No longer are grades, test scores and self essays the only measure of whether an applicant gets accepted or not.
5 Websites That May Help You Choose The University Or College That's Right For YouPicking a college is nothing like it once was. In 1980, there were 3,150 colleges and universities. Now, there are close to 4,700 and data crunchers hope to help.