Berkeley Officials Decide Not To Cut Down Existing Traffic Circle TreesBerkeley elected officials met Tuesday to determine the fate of a number of mature trees growing in traffic circles that were going to be cut down, but it seems the city may have had a change of heart.
Berkeley Ordinance To Eliminate Gender-Specific Language From City CodeA newly passed ordinance in Berkeley is moving the city toward eliminating gender-specific language from the municipal code.
Berkeley City Council Considers Natural Gas Ban In Residential BuildingsA commonplace kitchen appliance that chef's swear by might be phased out in some buildings in Berkeley.
Berkeley City Council To Consider RV Ban During Thursday Meeting
Berkeley Councilman Texted Police Chief In Attempt To Get Out Of TicketNew evidence has emerged of how a Berkeley City Councilman tried to get his way out of a ticket for running a red light by calling the police chief.
Berkeley Councilman Apologizes For Behavior After Traffic ViolationA Berkeley city councilman is apologizing for his treatment of a police officer who pulled him over.
New Berkeley Councilwoman Kate Harrison Set To Be Sworn In
Berkeley City Council Places Moratorium On Some Police Tactics Against Peaceful ProtestersThe Berkeley City Council voted for a moratorium on the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and over-the-shoulder baton strikes by police against non-violent protesters. In addition police will wear body cameras.
Fed Up Parents Want To Shut Down A Berkeley Pot Club Because The Neighborhood Reeks Of MarijuanaSome Berkeley parents are tired of marijuana ‘contact’ fumes wafting into their yards from a nearby pot club. They want the city to do something about the "40 Acres Collective" operating out of a building on San Pablo Avenue.
New Study Claims Bay Area Power Plant Is 2nd Most Polluting In StateA California environmental group claims that a Bay Area power plant is the second most polluting in the state according to a new study.
Phil Matier: Berkeley Considers 'No Drone Zone' ProposalThe City of Berkeley was on the brink of banning the small, unmanned aircraft commonly known as drones from hovering overhead.