North American Bison Is Official National Mammal Of The United StatesPresident Obama signed a bill making the North American bison a national symbol of the United States.
Montana Tribe To Loan 20 Bison To Oakland Zoo After Major RelocationThe Blackfeet tribe will loan 20 bison to the Oakland Zoo in California for a special exhibit slated to open this fall.
'Last Cow' Oldest Bison In San Francisco Golden Gate Park DiesThe oldest bison in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park died on Monday. Last Cow, a 22-year-old female, passed away after zoo animal staff had been monitoring her declining health for several months.
Naked Man Found In Bison Paddock Among 24 Arrested During San Francisco Bay To BreakersAt least 24 people were arrested for public intoxication and almost 11 tons of trash collected at San Francisco’s annual Bay to Breakers foot race Sunday, police said.
30-Year-Old American Bison At San Francisco Zoo Has Died San Francisco Zoo veterinarians euthanized the 30-year-old female bison Friday. Her health had declined and she could no longer lift herself.
Young Calves Join Elder Bison At San Francisco’s Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate Park's bison herd expanded this week when a half-dozen calves joined a trio of adult bison in a newly renovated paddock, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department officials announced this week.
Exam Shows SF Golden Gate Park Bison Died Of TraumaA baby bison that died Wednesday after apparently running into a fence in fright while being chased by a small dog showed signs of blunt force trauma, according to San Francisco Zoo officials.
SF Golden Gate Park Bison Calf Dies After Chased By Loose DogA bison calf at the buffalo paddock in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has died of injuries after apparently being chased by a dog that had burrowed into the enclosure, according to authorities.
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Ramps Up Meat-Eating Routine With Bison KillFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who last year revealed that he will not eat meat unless he actually kills the animal, has apparently taken a liking to hunting and eating bison, according to various sources and his recent status post.