Monterey Supes Fail To Pass Indoor Mask Mandate For Second TimeThe Monterey County Board of Supervisors have once again failed to pass a mask mandate for indoor facilities, however may pass one next week.
COVID: Monterey Co. Supes Extend Mandatory Vaccine Deadline For County WorkersMonterey County's Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to affirm the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for county employees and extend the mandate's compliance deadline from Sept. 15 to Sept. 30.
Santa Cruz County Workers Must Get Mandatory Vaccinations Or Weekly TestingAll Santa Cruz County employees will now be required to get a COVID-19 vaccination or submit to weekly testing, following a vote by the board of supervisors on Tuesday.
SF Supes Vote To Keep Pandemic-Era Parklets Making Outdoor Dining, Bars PermanentIt looks like those pandemic-era parklets for outdoor drinking and dining are here to stay, in San Francisco. The city's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to make them permanent.
CoCo Supes Hear First Report On County's Racial Equity and Social Justice IssuesA new task force addressing racial equity issues in Contra Costa County reported to the county Board of Supervisors Tuesday that many residents fear and mistrust county decision makers.
SF Supes Approve Plan To Create First Public Bank In U.S.San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance that moves the city closer to creating the first public bank in the U.S.
San Francisco Supes To Vote On Ghost Gun BanA bill goes before the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Tuesday that if approved, will ban the possession and sale of ghost gun kits and parts.
Santa Clara County Garbage Rates Go Up In Unincorporated AreasAfter a vote by the county Board of supervisors, beginning July 1, garbage collection rates in the eastern unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County will increase.
San Francisco Considers Spending Hundreds of Millions on Safe Sleeping Sites For HomelessThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors is currently considering spending hundreds of millions of dollars to have homeless people sleep in tents on city property, it’s an expansion of the so-called ‘safe sleeping sites’.
San Francisco Supes Pass Ordinance Requiring Businesses to Re-Hire Laid Off WorkersSan Francisco’s Board of Supervisors passed a work ordinance Tuesday that requires businesses to re-hire rather than replace the thousands of workers laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID: SF Supes Approve Emergency Ordinance For $5/Hour Raise For Some Grocery WorkersSan Francisco supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an emergency ordinance to temporarily raise wages by $5 per hour for some grocery and retail workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.