Bay Area Voters Watch Ballot Counting Drama With Intense InterestAs the Bay Area and the nation await election results, many Americans have been left in a lingering state of suspended tension and anxiety.
Latino Voters Wield Increasing Influence on CampaignsThe role of Latino voters will be significant in the 2020 presidential election, no matter who wins and it could be breaking down some stereotypical assumptions about the so-called Latino voting bloc.
Despite Leaning Left, California Voters Reject Split Roll, Affirmative Action Measures; Back Prop. 22While Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by a 2-to-1 margin in California, results of several state ballot measures arguably show how some more conservative ideas are being supported by California voters.
Santa Clara County Voter Turnout Set To Exceed Record From 2008Santa Clara County is set to break yet another record this election cycle.
Brentwood Police Investigate Effigy Of Biden Hanging Outside Trump Supporter's HomePolice in Brentwood on Thursday confirmed that officers responded to an effigy hanging outside a residence that apparently was supposed to represent Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Santa Clara Co. Board Of Supervisors: Former Sunnyvale Mayor Otto Lee Appears To Win Over Asm. Kansen ChuFormer Sunnyvale Mayor Otto Lee is likely heading to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors following a nine-year hiatus from public service.
Vote Count 2020: Polls Again Miss Mark In Presidential Race - 'Trump's Support Was Underestimated'The presidential election is still hanging in the balance as votes continue to be counted in states across the country, but polls leading into the race painted a very different picture.
Bay Area Registrars Praise Early Voting For Making Election Day SmootherWhile ballots were still being counted the day after Election Day, experts said more people voted in California in the 2020 election than ever.
Fremont Mayor Lily Mei Wins 2nd Term To Lead Bay Area's 4th Largest CityFremont Mayor Lily Mei won a second four-year term in the Bay Area's fourth largest city, based on election results Tuesday from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters office.
'It Kind Of Hurts My Heart' - Bay Area Democrats Watch Election Vote Count With Anxiety, HopeOn the day after Election Day, some Bay Area Democrats say they are in a state of heightened anxiety, combined with disappointment and hopelessness as they wait for a final result.
Past Presidential Races Illustrate Nation's History Of Election ControversyThe 2020 election is shaping up to be one for the history books, and that may be the place to look for some perspective on what’s happening.
Trump Falsely Claims Victory As Millions Of Votes Remain UncountedPresident Trump addressed the nation from the White House after 2 a.m. while the outcome of the election remained unclear, claiming victories in states that have not yet been decided.
Presidential Race Narrows To Key States; Biden Takes Slim Lead In WisconsinThe race for the White House has narrowed to hinge on a handful of crucial battleground states that remain too close to call.
Bay Area Democrats Hold On To House Seats By Wide MarginsThe staunchly liberal Bay Area turned out for Democratic Representatives Tuesday night, giving eight incumbents an easy ride to victory.
Prop 15 Challenge To CA Property Tax Rules Trailing; Prop 19 Wildfire Tax Break Too Early To CallA ballot measure to partially dismantle California’s longtime system of tying property taxes to the last sales price was trailing narrowly Tuesday with several million votes still to be counted.