Melissa Griffin: CPAC Speakers Have No California LoveSome of the most conservative members of the Republican party gathered this past weekend for the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, taking aim at President Obama, the Democrats, each other and the State of California.
Tech Watch: Previewing Samsung S4 UnveilingIn the smartphone world, there are basically two phones that are household names; The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III. On March 14th, Samsung is expected to unveil the new Galaxy phone, the S4.
Tech Watch: Mobile Highlights From MWC 2013The biggest event of the year for new mobile tech , the Mobile World Congress - or MWC, as it's called - is featuring an array of new smartphones, tablets and laptops.
CA Senator's Departure For Chevron Job Is Major Blow To Dem AgendaState Senator Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield) has resigned to join Chevron, leaving the push for environmental reforms in the lurch.
Tech Watch: PlayStation 4 Set For LaunchThe first all-new PlayStation in seven years is about to debut on Wednesday, and gaming will be only part of the story.
TechWatch: How Likely Is Apple To Create iWatch?
Tech Watch: Array Of Tablets Challenge iPad For DominanceThe iPad is still synonymous with the concept of a tablet, but Apple’s tablets have now slipped below 50% of all tablets sold. So what’s taken their place? An array of tablets that are generally smaller, cheaper but still basically equivalent to an iPad.
Melissa Griffin: Trying To Keep The Kings And Their Money In CaliforniaWhile the Niners lost the Superbowl, it could be worse. The Sacramento Kings have inked a deal to go to Seattle and it’s gotten political.
Cool School: Vacaville's Cooper ElementaryThe principal at Cooper Elementary in Vacaville says motivation is the key to her student body's success.
Tony's Table: La Mar's Lomo Saltado
Melissa Griffin: Privacy Pop-ups Coming To Your AppsSoon you’ll be seeing privacy notices popping up on your mobile applications.
Melissa Griffin: 'Twas The Night Before Cliffmas'Twas the night before cliffmas, when all through the House The members were stirring, and starting to grouse, The stock market was steady, the jobs numbers were fair, But the issue of the fiscal cliff hung in the air.
Cool School: Yu Ming Charter School, OaklandTucked away in the heart of Oakland's Chinatown, something very special is brewing. It’s the Yu Ming Charter School. It is now just two years old and already 150-plus students strong.
Tech Watch: Holiday Gift Guide For TechiesJust in time for the Holidays, Brian Cooley, Editor at Large of, explains how to choose the perfect hi-tech gift.
Tech Watch: Buying A New TV OnlineBuying a TV used to be an in-store experience, but increasingly people are making this big purchase online.