'Snake Scam' Burglars Slither Into Peninsula CitiesA notorious "snake scam" has slithered its way into San Mateo and Burlingame, prompting police there to join the hunt.
Fremont Burglars Posing As City Workers Looking For SnakesBurglars are gaining access to residents’ homes by claiming to be animal control officers looking for poisonous snakes, Fremont police said Monday.
San Jose To Appeal Ruling On City Worker EmailsSan Jose plans to fight a judge’s ruling that could open the emails of thousands of government employees to the public.
SF Supervisors Tackle ‘Discriminatory' Tax Code For Same-Sex Spouses A San Francisco Supervisor is trying to eliminate what he called a discriminatory tax burden for same-sex spouses and domestic partners of city workers.
Audit Shows Big Increase In San Francisco's Overtime SpendingThe new overtime audit issued by San Francisco's controller's office shows city employees received $23.4 million more on OT than last year.
Phil Matier: Occupy Oakland Still Costing City PlentyThe City of Oakland, of course, doesn't have much money to spare for these costs - which weren't a part of the budget.
Revised Pension Numbers Shrink San Jose's Budget DeficitYou could call it an early Christmas present for San Jose, in the form of a budget deficit reduction from $80 million to about $25 million.
Fiscal Emergency Declaration Looms For San JoseThe city of San Jose is getting closer to declaring a fiscal emergency due to rising pension costs. This has the city preparing to put a pension reform measure on next year’s ballot.
San Francisco Pension Reform Proposal Takes ShapeSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said city workers will be the hardest hit if his pension reform plan is approved.
San Francisco Mayor, Unions To Begin Pension Reform TalksFormal negotiations begin Thursday between San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and public employee unions to resolve the city's growing pension and health benefits problem.
Layoffs Likely As San Jose Faces 10th Year Of Budget ShortfallsThe San Jose City Council started budget discussions Thursday, and it looks like there could very likely be more layoffs and concessions for city workers next year.