Report: Climate Change Will Bring More Triple-Digit Heat To Bay Area CitiesA study from an environmental science group says that as the planet gets warmer, people are definitely going to feel it. And for some, it could be life-threatening.
Bay Area To See More 'Killer' Heat Waves Without Climate Action, Report WarnsThe life and health of Bay Area residents is at risk if no action is taken globally on climate change this century, according to a report released Tuesday by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Scientists Say Rising Seas Will Break Flooding RecordsThe federal government is warning Americans to brace for a "floodier" future.
Homeowners Fear Losing Property Over 'Managed Retreat' Policies To Address Sea Level RiseBy 2100, the U.S. Geological Survey predicts some 600,000 homes will be at risk of flooding. While the state Coastal Commission wants to let nature take its course, homeowners are fighting back.
Scientists Issue Dire Warning On Ocean Health At SF Climate SummitScientists met at an ocean summit in San Francisco Thursday morning to discuss the effects of climate change on marine habitats in the region. 
Sea Level Rise Report Warns Rising Waters Will Inundate Marin Coastal AreasA report on the threat of sea level rise (SLR) presented to Marin County supervisors on Tuesday stressed there is no one-size-fits all solution to what has been called "a slow moving disaster."
San Francisco's Emergency Plan For Poor Air, Extreme Heat Could Cancel Outdoor EventsSan Francisco's emergency plan for days with extremely poor air quality and extreme heat could close down farmer's markets and other outdoor events.
Climate Change Linked To More Seasonal Allergies In The U.S., Study SaysClimate change may be the cause of more spring allergies reported across the U.S., a new study shows.
Bay Area Students March For Climate Change Action As Part Of Worldwide Day Of ActionHundreds of students from around the Bay Area marched down San Francisco's Market Street Friday, skipping classes to voice their anger over a lack of action on climate change.
Students Plan Strike Demanding Climate Change Action At Pelosi, Feinstein OfficesHundreds of students from around the Bay Area are planning to walk out of school on Friday to demand urgent action on climate change.
Warming Climate Brings Summers So Dry Even Wet Winters Won't Dampen Fire DangerA new study from a team of climate scientists and forest experts suggests that an endless fire season is our new reality in the Golden State.
Youth Group 'Disappointed' With Feinstein After Heated Exchange On Climate Change Goes ViralA group of Bay Area kids said they’re “disappointed” with Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s response after their heated exchange over climate change went viral.
Interactive Map Shows Affect Of Climate Change On U.S. Cities In 2080In 2080, San Francisco could get a Southern California climate, New York will feel like Arkansas, and Miami will feel like Southern Mexico if global warming pollution continues at the current pace, a new study finds.
'We're Getting Soft': Governor Criticizes Cold Weather School ClosingsKentucky Governor Matt Bevin said America is "getting soft" after hearing that some schools were closing in the Louisville area as bitter cold moved into his state.
Appeals Court Rejects Industry Challenge To California Fuel StandardsA U.S. appeals court has again rejected a challenge by the oil and gas industry to a key part of California's efforts to fight climate change.