More Than 17M Californians Registered Ahead Of November ElectionThe secretary of state’s office reports that more than 17 million Californians are registered to vote ahead of the November presidential election, or nearly 73 percent of those who are eligible to cast a ballot.
California Launches Online Voter Registration System Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s office launched the new service Wednesday in advance of the November 6th Presidential Election.
California Felons Ask For Right To Vote After Prison Realignment Several organizations that promote voting rights have petitioned the state's Court of Appeal to give convicted felons who have been placed under regional supervision as part of prison realignment the right to vote.
Proposition 8 Repeal Cleared For Signature-GatheringA gay rights group has been cleared to start gathering signatures for a measure that would rescind the gay marriage ban known as Proposition 8.
State Election Observers To Monitor San Francisco VoteThe California Secretary of State is sending election observers to San Francisco on Tuesday to oversee poll workers and voters as they cast their ballots.
Assemblyman Gathering Signatures To Repeal California Dream ActA campaign to repeal the California Dream Act has the green light to start collecting signatures to qualify a measure for next year's November ballot.
Nearly 60 Percent Of Eligible Californians Voted In November ElectionSecretary of State Debra Bowen says 59.6 percent of California’s eligible voters cast ballots on Nov. 2, the highest for a gubernatorial election in the state since 1994.
Challenger Who Rarely Voted Seeks California Elections PostLike the high-profile races for California governor and U.S. Senate, the race for secretary of state pits a seasoned politician against a businessman making his first run for public office.