San Jose Lawmakers Weigh High Cost Of Continued Subsidies To High-Rise DevelopersA highly charged housing issue is taking shape at San Jose City Hall Tuesday night. At issue is whether the city should continue to give subsidies to high-rise residential developers.
Sky-High Construction Costs Hit SF Affordable Housing Developers HardConstruction costs for new housing are going through the roof in San Francisco and developers are feeling the pinch.
Construction Workers In San Jose Urge Developers To Hire LocallyConstruction workers in the South Bay hit the streets to urge developers to "do the right thing" and hire locally.
Proposal Hiking San Francisco Developers' Transportation Fees DefeatedSan Francisco Supervisor John Avalos' attempt to override a mayoral veto on legislation hiking developers' transportation fees meets defeat.
San Francisco Leads Pack With World's Most Expensive HotelsIf you don't have friends with sofa beds in San Francisco, start making them now.
Oakland Planning Commission Approves High-Rise Apartment Near Lake Merritt Amid DiscordPlans for a new luxury high-rise in the heart of the Oakland will move as the city's planning commission voted on Wednesday to allow the construction on a one-acre plot of public land near a BART station and Lake Merritt.
Transbay Terminal Dispute Between City, Developers Could Drag OutIt started out as a replacement for an old bus station. But it morphed into one of the biggest transit projects in America, complete with towering high-rises, an underground train station, breathtaking lobbies, even a rooftop park.
Disagreement Over Tax May Derail San Francisco Transbay Terminal DealA deal between the city of San Francisco and developers building the new Transbay Terminal has become unraveled, opening the possibility for legal action by developers, and leaving the future of a $2.6 billion Caltrain extension to Downtown uncertain.
Oculus Unveils New Virtual Reality Headset Boasts With 360-Degree Head TrackingOculus' headset covers a user's eyes and can create immersive worlds that react to head movement.
Phil Matier: San Francisco Developers Renege On Paying Special Tax For Transbay Terminal, Caltrain Extension The San Francisco Board Of Supervisors are meeting Tuesday to create a special tax district around the Transbay Terminal to cover the cost of its reconstruction including the Caltrain extension. Downtown developers had earlier promised to pay in, they are now lobbying, and threatening a lawsuit claiming the amounts are too excessive due to soaring property values.
San Francisco Flower Mart Tenants Hope To Stave Off Eviction From Historic Building Former Mayor Art Agnos is calling on Mayor Ed Lee to come to the San Francisco Flower Mart building and tell the tenants what the city is going to do to protect them from eviction as its long-term lease is about to expire.