Deaf San Jose Woman, Exempt From Mask Rules, Faces Humiliation From Zealous StrangersA deaf San Jose woman, exempt from California face-covering requirements, says she has been repeatedly kicked out of businesses by employees and publicly persecuted by other customers at grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.
Napa County Adds Stiff Citations To Mask MandateThe Napa County Board of Supervisors has put some teeth into a mask mandate, with a new ordinance authorizing fines from $25 to $500 for individuals and $200 to $5,000 for businesses that receive repeated complaints for not wearing your mask.
San Mateo County on Verge of New Indoor-Business Shutdowns, Supervisor SaysSan Mateo County is on the verge of being placed on California's "watch list," which could lead to the shutdown of hair and nail salons and houses of worship, among other indoor businesses.
Contra Costa County Gets Tough On Facemask Restrictions As New COVID-19 Cases SurgeA rise in positive cases of COVID-19 in Contra Costa Country has triggered public health officials to reconsider pausing reopening activities and tightening its mask requirements.
Mandatory Mask Enforcement Problematic; Voluntary Compliance Urged To Prevent More ClosuresBeaches will be closed and Californians are supposed to stay home and wear a mask when necessary. Governor Gavin Newsom took a lot of questions about enforcement. He acknowledged that is not something he can't quite do himself, so what does enforcement look like?
'We Are Not Out Of The 1st Wave'; Gov. Newsom, Former Governors Urge Californians To Wear MasksGovernor Gavin Newsom reiterated to Californians the importance of wearing masks on Monday during a press conference updating the state's coronavirus response.
Schwarzenegger: 'Just Do It' When It Comes To Wearing COVID-19 Face CoveringsUsing a catch phase made popular by sporting goods giant Nike, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger advice to state residents when it comes to wearing COVID-19 face masks was very simple -- 'Just Do It'.
New Health Order Mandates Californians To Wear Masks In Most Public SettingsCalifornians will be required to wear face masks in most public settings statewide, according to a new order from the state health authorities.
San Jose Police, Mayor's Office At Odds Over Enforcement Of Proposed Face Mask OrdinanceThe City of San Jose will be voting on a face-covering ordinance to slow the spread of COVID-19 that would go beyond the requirements of Santa Clara County. It would make people wear masks practically anytime they are in public or even outdoors, or risk the possibility of getting a ticket.
Coronavirus Update: Palo Alto Issues Face Coverings RequirementPalo Alto residents are now required to wear face coverings in public following a City Council decision Monday and an emergency order by the city manager.
Santa Rosa Auto Shop Shifts Gears To Make Custom Face Masks For Frontline WorkersThe co-owner of a Santa Rosa auto restoration shop has been shifting gears to help protect frontline workers during the coronavirus shelter-in-place.