Top Meta Executive Points To Individual Users For Spreading InformationIndividual users, not tech platforms, shoulder the responsibility for the spread of misinformation online, according to Andrew Bosworth, a top exec at Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook.
Facebook Uncovers Massive Network To Spread COVID MisinformationA disinformation network with ties to China used hundreds of fake social media accounts — including one belonging to a fictitious Swiss biologist — to spread an unfounded claim that the U.S. pressured scientists to blame China for the coronavirus.
Tech Expert Explains Why Facebook Is Not Completely Getting Rid Of Facial RecognitionEarlier this month, Facebook said they would shut down their facial recognition technology, deleting the faceprints of more than 1 billion people. However, tech expert Carla Franklin says they are still using it in some ways.
Ohio Pension Fund Sues Facebook, Meta For Misleading Public About Negative Effects, AlgorithmsOhio’s largest public employee pension fund has sued Facebook, alleging that it broke federal securities law by purposely misleading the public about the negative effects of its social platforms and algorithms.
Facebook To Shut Down Facial Recognition System, Delete 1 Billion Face ImagesFacebook said it will shut down its face-recognition system and delete the faceprints of more than 1 billion people.
Zuckerberg Launches Facebook's 'Next Chapter' By Renaming Company Meta Under fire in the media and in Washington, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday he was changing the name of the company he founded to 'Meta' reflecting the social media giant's attempt to pivot to its "next chapter" and away from the controversy embroiling it.
Tesla Joins Apple, Google, Facebook In Reaching $1 Trillion ValuationTesla just became the sixth company in US history to be worth $1 trillion, joining three other Silicon Valley giants that have reached that milestone.
Conservatives to QAnon: Facebook Researchers Saw How Its Algorithms Led to MisinformationFacebook researchers in 2019 created three dummy accounts to study the platform's technology for recommending content in the News Feed. The first was for a user in India, its biggest market. Then it created two more test accounts to represent a conservative American user and a liberal one.
Amid the Capitol Riot, Facebook Faced Its Own InsurrectionAs supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th, battling police and forcing lawmakers into hiding, an insurrection of a different kind was taking place inside the world’s largest social media company.
New Facebook Whistleblower Says Executives Shrugged as Algorithm Stoked Hate, MisinformationA new whistleblower is taking on Menlo Park-based Facebook just a couple weeks after Frances Haugen testified to members of Congress the tech giant chooses profit over safety.
Snapchat Ad Sales Suffer, Social Media Stocks Dip in Response to Apple Privacy MovesSnapchat’s corporate parent disclosed Thursday that its ad sales are being hurt by a privacy crackdown that rolled out on Apple’s iPhones earlier this year