Spare The Air Days Cause Drop In Business For Firewood BusinessThe wood burning ban prompted by consecutive Spare The Air days in the Bay Area caused a drop in business for at least one firewood business along the Peninsula.
Teenager Crushed By Chimney In Napa Earthquake Speaks From Hospital BedA teenager who was seriously injured in a magnitude 6.0 earthquake is telling his story from the hospital bed where he is recovering.
20th Spare-The-Air Alert Of Season Issued For FridayMore air will be spared on Friday, as a series of “Winter Spare the Air” alerts issued by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District continues.
Wood Burning Banned As Christmas Day Spare The Air Alert IssuedIt’s official; Bay Area residents will not be allowed to light fires in their fireplaces on Christmas Day.
What Are The Rules, Fines, And Exceptions To Christmas Eve Fireplace Wood Burning Ban?With an unpopular "Spare the Air" advisory in place today banning all burning in fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and more, many Bay Area residents are looking for ways around the rules. Here they are.
Winter Spare-The-Air Alert Issued For SaturdayAnother Winter Spare the Air alert has been issued for Saturday, the fourth regional wood-burning ban this week by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
Bay Area Regulators Get Tough On Winter Wood Burning As the weather starts to turn colder, the cozy feeling of sitting by a roaring fireplace could lead to a stiff fine if that fire is burning during a winter Spare the Air alert, air quality officials said.
Pollution Down As Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Days EndThe Winter Spare the Air season has ended, and there's good news to report, as pollution levels from wood burning are down in the Bay Area.
Bay Area Residents Asked Not To Burn WoodBay Area residents have been asked not to burn wood Sunday by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
14th Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Alert Issued For ThursdayAnother Spare the Air Day has been announced by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Thursday, the 14th for this winter season.
Steady Weather Pattern To Prompt More Bay Area Spare-The-Air AlertsTwo more winter Spare the Air alerts were issued over this past holiday weekend, and once again hundreds of complaints were made about people burning wood fires in their homes.