Latest Flex Alert Issued by Cal ISO Goes Into Effect; Energy Conservation EncouragedA statewide Flex Alert issued by the California Independent System Operator (ISO) went into effect Monday afternoon as officials called for energy conservation. 
Cal ISO Issues Flex Alert for Monday as Oregon Wildfire Threatens Transmission LinesThe California Independent System Operator has issued a Flex Alert for 4 to 9 p.m. Monday. Officials said the alert is needed due to the impact of the Bootleg Fire in Oregon on electric transmission lines.
Temperatures To Soar Over 105 Degrees East Of Caldecott TunnelNothing magnifies the San Francisco Bay Area's microclimates more than a heat wave stalled over the East Bay. While the four Caldecott Tunnel bores on Highway 24 only stretch a little more than 3,700 feet, temperatures can jump 15-20 degrees when you exit the eastern end.
Heat Wave: Cal ISO Extends Flex Alert Into Saturday; Conservation EncouragedA statewide Flex Alert issued by the California Independent System Operator (ISO) has been extended into Saturday, with officials calling for conservation as extreme heat raises demands on the state’s power grid.
Cal ISO Poised to Issue Monday Flex Alert With Temperatures Expected to SoarCalifornia's power grid operator is poised to call a flex alert for Monday due to high heat expected to impact much of the state.
UPDATE: PG&E Avoids Planned Rotating Outages Thursday as Bay Area Cooks in Record Heat WaveAs the clock ticked past 9 p.m. Thursday, Pacific Gas and Electric customers who had been warned earlier in the evening to anticipate possible rotating power outages could breathe a little easier -- and keep their air conditioners humming -- as the region sweltered under a record heat wave.
Bay Area Heat Wave: Cal ISO Issues Flex Alert For Thursday as Temperatures SoarA weather system stalled over the Southwest began sending waves of excessive heat into Northern California Wednesday, leading Cal ISO to issue a Flex Alert for Thursday starting at 5 p.m.
Bay Area Heat Wave Rekindles Memories Of Flex Alerts, Rotating OutagesA heat wave this week in parts of the state is being monitored daily by the Cal Independent System Operator. If a Flex Alert is called, Californians will be asked to conserve energy.
California ISO Issues Flex Alert Amid Hot October Temperatures, Conservation UrgedThe California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has announced a statewide Flex Alert for Thursday afternoon, due to anticipated high demand for electricity amid unseasonably high temperatures.
Flex Alert Goes Into Effect Amid Hot Temperatures; Cal ISO Encourages Energy ConservationThe latest Flex Alert went into effect Thursday afternoon as the California Independent System Operator anticipates high energy demand as the Bay Area faces the latest round of extremely hot weather.
Bay Area Braces For Holiday Weekend Heat Wave, Call For Power ConservationAmid a forecast for poor air quality in parts of the Bay Area and a statewide call for power conservation during a predicted heat wave, some cities are working to find ways to keep vulnerable residents safe.