Ghost Ship Prosecutors Try To Contradict Almena And HarrisProsecutors presented three witnesses on Monday who contradicted testimony by Ghost Ship warehouse master tenant Derick Almena, creative director Max Harris and other defense witnesses in their trial for a fire at the Oakland building that killed 36 people in 2016.
Defense Rests In Ghost Ship Trial After Final Day Of Almena TestimonyA major chapter in the Ghost Ship trial ended Thursday with the defense resting their case after a final day of testimony from one of the defendants.
GHOST SHIP TRIAL: Almena Becomes Combative During Cross ExaminationAfter two days of emotional testimony, Ghost Ship warehouse master tenant Derick Almena became combative with prosecutors during their cross examination Wednesday morning.
Mother Of Ghost Ship Fire Victim Outraged Over Almena TestimonyGhost Ship Fire defendant Derick Almena returned to the stand Tuesday morning, offering more testimony that pointed an accusing finger at the city Oakland for the fatal warehouse fire.
Emotional Ghost Ship Warehouse Defendant Almena Breaks Down On The StandThe most anticipated moment of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire trial happened Monday afternoon, when master tenant Derick Almena took the stand and gave emotional testimony.
Ghost Ship Defense Witness Fails To Return For Cross Examination The testimony of an important witness for Ghost Ship master tenant Derick Almena was stricken from the record on Wednesday after he failed to return to court to allow prosecutors to finish cross-examining him.
Derick Almena's Wife Takes Stand In Oakland Ghost Ship Fire TrialMicah Allison, the wife of the Ghost Ship defendant Derick Almena testified in Alameda County Superior Court Tuesday, suggesting an Oakland Fire Department arson investigator lied on the stand.
Defense Tries To Prove Oakland Fire Officials Ignored Ghost Ship Safety IssuesDefense attorneys for two Ghost Ship warehouse leaders presented two witnesses on Thursday aimed at proving their contention that Oakland fire officials knew about the conditions at the building where a fire killed 36 people in 2016 but didn't do anything about them.
Ghost Ship Trial: Harris Admits Lying To Police About Building's ResidentsGhost Ship warehouse creative director Max Harris reluctantly admitted on Tuesday that he lied to a police officer when he claimed that no one lived at the 10,000-square-foot building in Oakland where 36 people were killed in a fire in 2016.
Max Harris Testifies There Weren't Any Hard And Fast Rules At Ghost ShipOne of two men blamed for the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire that killed 36 people two years ago took the witness stand in his own defense in the trial on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
Oakland Ghost Ship Defendant Calls On Character Witness To Attest To Harris' TruthfulnessAttorneys for Ghost Ship warehouse creative director Max Harris on Thursday called another character witness to the stand to testify that he thinks Harris is truthful.
Prosecution Rests In Oakland Ghost Ship Fire Trial; Almena To Take Stand
ATF Agent Testifying In Oakland Ghost Ship Fire Trial Found No Evidence Of Molotov CocktailA special agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified Thursday that investigators didn’t find any evidence that an explosion caused the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland in 2016 that killed 36 people.
ATF Agent Says Materials Made Ghost Ship Fire Spread QuicklyAn investigator with the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified Wednesday that the large amount of flammable materials at the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland made the deadly fire spread quickly there in December 2016.
Fire Investigator: No Evidence Of Molotov Cocktails Found At Ghost Ship WarehouseA former top Oakland fire official testified Thursday that there no evidence found of Molotov cocktails or other explosive devices at the scene of the deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse fire.