California U.S. Senate Seat: Gov. Newsom Eyeing Pick To Replace Kamala HarrisElection Day is over but California already is consumed with its next high-profile political contest — the competition to fill Kamala Harris’ soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat.
Newsom Warns Of California COVID Spike As National Cases Soar; Some Counties To Move Back TiersGovernor Gavin Newsom warned Californians of a worsening pandemic Monday and signaled that some counties will likely moving be backwards in the state's tiered system of measuring the risk of spread.
UPDATE: Newsom Says President Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration After Phone CallGov. Gavin Newsom on Friday afternoon tweeted that he had spoken to President Donald Trump on the phone and gotten approval for California's Major Disaster Declaration request.
California Tightens Rules On Use Of Highly Potent Rat Poisons Blamed For Killing WildlifeGov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday signed a bill widely restricting the use of certain highly potent rat poisons that are blamed for killing mountain lions, birds and endangered wildlife.
Wildfires Prompt Gov. Newsom To Declare State Of Emergency In Napa, Sonoma, Shasta CountiesGovernor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in Napa, Sonoma and Shasta counties, Monday, and asked President Trump for a major disaster declaration to the wildfires raging across California.
Citing Rolling Blackouts, EPA Chief Ridicules Newsom's Plan To Ban Sale Of Gas-Powered Cars By 2035On Monday, Wheeler sent Newsom a letter questioning how the state could add millions of electric vehicles despite having “a record of rolling blackouts.”
California Hits Reset Button On EDD; Strike Team Moves To Tackle Unemployment Claim Backlog, Fraudulent ApplicationsThe State of California has begun the process of revamping the embattled system used by the Employment Development Department to process unemployment claims, following months of trying to resolve missing claims, investigate fraud, and tackle a huge backlog of cases.
UC Expert Says California Forest Management Alone Can't Prevent 'Wind-Driven' WildfiresTo be clear, UC Berkeley Forestry Specialist, Dr. Bill Stewart, says no amount of forest management would prevent the kinds of fires we’ve seen lately.
Capitol Flag To Fly At Half-Staff To Honor Fresno Co. Sheriff's Detective Who Died Of COVID-19Fresno County Sheriff’s Detective Jose Mora died on September 7 from complications due to COVID-19, after a being hospitalized for several weeks. The 20-year veteran became ill during an out-of-state investigation.
Gov. Newsom Poised To Sign Bill That Keeps Foreclosed Homes In Hands Of ResidentsSB 1079, titled "Homes for Homeowners, Not Corporations," would give tenants, families, housing nonprofits and local governments first dibs on foreclosed properties before corporations.
California To More Than Double COVID-19 Testing Capacity, Improve Turnaround Time, Drive Down CostsLooking ahead to the oncoming flu season and the impact on California's current coronavirus testing apparatus, Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday unveiled a new partnership with a diagnostics firm to revamp the state's COVID-19 testing.