‘Trimmigrants’ Flock To Northern California’s Marijuana HarvestHarvest season for the state's number one cash crop: Marijuana. Migrant workers from all over the world are flocking to Northern California to find work.
Drought Sucking California's $5 Billion Rice Harvest Dry California's deepening drought is shrinking its rice harvest, and that's bad news for farmers, migratory birds and sushi lovers.
About The Bay: Stomping The Grape Harvest In Sonoma It's harvest time in wine country and for some, that still means getting their stomp on.I took off my shoes and gave it a try during travels About The Bay.
Set Up A Haunted Maze In Your Own BackyardYour own backyard is the perfect setting for a creepy haunted maze that will give your friends a delightful fright.
Monday's Harvest Moon Is Also The Final Supermoon Of 2014The 2014 summer of supermoons comes to an end Monday as the orbit brings full moon to its closest point to earth for the final time this year.
California Wine-Grape Growers Celebrating A Record HarvestCalifornia agriculture officials are reporting good news for wine lovers and vineyard operators alike: a record harvest of wine grapes.
California Farmers Voice Need For Guest Worker Program; Warn Of Crop ShortageFarmers said they are having trouble finding enough workers to pick their crops, and may have to switch to machines.
Fresno Farmworker Hurt In Harvesting Machine Accident Getting $1M Settlement A Central California farmworker whose arm was mangled in a watermelon harvesting machine is getting a $1 million settlement.
California Wine Grape Harvest Was Down In 2011; Prices HigherThe late freezes and untimely rain impacted California’s wine grape harvest just as vintners had predicted: The 2011 harvest was down 7 percent to 3.3 million tons.
California Grape Crop Shows Declining NumbersUnseasonably cool weather affected the crop for the second straight year.
Wine Country Vintners Race To Finish Grape Harvest Before More RainSonoma Valley winemakers are racing to complete the grape harvest after a weekend storm drenched the vineyards, threatening to mold the grapes.