Trump Administration Won't Immediately Give Away $1B For California High-Speed RailThe Trump administration will not immediately give $1 billion it revoked from California's high-speed rail project to another project, according to a legal agreement reached Wednesday between the two.
California Sues Trump Administration Over $1B In Canceled High-Speed Rail MoneyCalifornia sued Tuesday to block the Trump administration from cancelling nearly $1 billion for the state's high-speed rail project, escalating the state's feud with the federal government.
Newsom Promises Court Fight Over Trump Withdrawal Of $1B In High-Speed Rail FundsThe Trump administration cancelled nearly $1 billion in federal money for California's high-speed rail project Thursday.
California: Trump Administration Plan To Renege On $3.5 Billion For High Speed Rail 'Disastrous'Leaders of California's high-speed rail project told the Trump administration its plans to withhold $3.5 billion in federal money for the project was "legally indefensible" and "disastrous policy."
Feds Cancel High-Speed Rail Grant, Explore Return Of $2.5BThe U.S. Department of Transportation announced Tuesday it would cancel nearly a billion dollars in grant funds yet to be paid to the California high-speed rail project.
President Trump: California Owes Feds Billions For Bullet Train 'Disaster'A day after California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to scale back the state's high-speed rail project, President Donald Trump demanded that federal funds be reimbursed on Twitter.
Bay Area High Speed Rail Plan Halted After Gov. Newsom's AddressCommuters and transportation officials in San Jose were surprised by Gov. Newsom's announcement to cut back plans for high speed rail in California.
Gov. Newsom Puts Brakes On California's High-Speed Rail PlanGovernor Gavin Newsom dropped a bombshell early in his State of the State address Tuesday, announcing that California would abandon the state's plan for a high-speed rail connection between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Lawmakers To Discuss Scathing California High-Speed Rail AuditCalifornia lawmakers are set to discuss a scathing audit of the state's ambitious high-speed rail project.
Audit Cites Flaws In Costly California High-Speed Rail ProjectFlawed decision-making and poor contract management contributed to billions in cost overruns and years of delays in the as-yet unbuilt California's high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco, state auditors said Thursday.
2020 California Ballot Proposal Would Seek To Nix High-Speed RailSupporters of a November ballot measure to repeal a California gas tax increase proposed Tuesday an initiative for 2020, saying it would provide money for road repairs and eliminate the state's beleaguered $77 billion high-speed rail project.