CA Schools Chief Applauds Renaming Schools Named After Slaveholders, Racially Charged LeadersCalifornia schools chief Tony Thurmond said Wednesday that schools named for Confederate leaders or other racially charged figures exacerbate feelings of racial inequality, and he commended schools that have opted to rename themselves.
Historian Fears Stanford’s MLK Collection Not A PriorityThe Stanford historian tasked with protecting the documents and other artifacts of Martin Luther King Jr. is anxious about what will become of them when he retires.
San Jose High School Makes History With Female Player's Touchdown PassThe varsity football team at San Jose's Silver Creek High School pulled off an historic play during its game last Friday.
1960s-Era Chicano Student Activists Celebrate Historic SJSU Graduation ProtestChicano student activists from the 1960s returned to campus on Friday to celebrate a milestone event at San Jose State University.
Days Numbered For San Jose State University's Bud Winter Field, Where Track History Was MadeThe days are numbered for a piece of South Bay Olympic history as the San Jose State University track that once played a role in the black civil rights movement is set to be demolished.
Civil War-Era Buildings, Tunnel Found Under Alcatraz Prison YardA new study has confirmed that there are historic hidden buildings and tunnels underneath the prison yard at Alcatraz.
Unmarked Graveyard In Lucas Valley Holds Hundreds Of Unidentified RemainsA campaign is underway in Marin County to mark an unidentified gravesite in Lucas Valley that holds the unidentified remains of nearly 300 people who died well over a century ago.
New Underwater State Park In Tahoe Showcases Historic Sunken BoatsOfficials from California State Parks recently announced Tahoe's first underwater trail, dubbed The Emerald Bay State Park Maritime Heritage Trail.
World's Oldest Cheese Discovered In Egyptian TombIt looks like one Egyptian took a snack with him after archeologists say they've discovered the world's oldest piece of cheese in an ancient tomb.
Indulge Your Inner Know-It-All: Labor Day EditionLabor Day facts to make you the Resident Smarty Pants at your weekend BBQ
San Francisco Construction Reveals Buried Maritime TreasuresA new map is revealing some of San Francisco's buried treasures with an updated view of the dozens of gold-rush era ships that lie below the city's streets.