Coronavirus Update: Local Sourcing Dodges COVID-19 Challenges To Meat Supply ChainWith a major meat processing plant in the Midwest closing down over the weekend due to a coronavirus infections among its workers, concerns have been raised about the national food supply chain.
New Tech Extracts Stem Cells From Wisdom TeethNo one enjoys a trip to the dentist, but for some, it just might be a key to unlocking the healing power of the human body.
KPIX 5 Reporter Gets Early Preview Of What PG&E Power Outage Will Be LikeThe threat of long-term outages is hitting places that don’t usually expect it, like in Contra Costa County, where people are just beginning to imagine what it will mean when the power goes out.
Downtown San Jose Intersection Transforming Into Site For High-Rise Housing Amid ConcernsThe housing crisis has sent communities scrambling to increase their housing stock and now, developers are flocking to downtown San Jose where the activity at one intersection promises to transform the entire area.
Change In Food Stamp Allocation Rules Could Impact CalFresh ProgramNewly proposed rules that would take away the power that states have to determine eligibility for federal food stamp money could potentially create a major problem for California.
Assembly Passes Bill Giving Local School Districts Power To Deny Funds For Home SchoolingA major fight is brewing in Sacramento over the effect charter schools are having on public education.  And caught up in that battle are people who educate their kids at home.
California Earthquake Warning System Getting Funding BoostAn earthquake early warning system may be getting a financial shot in the arm from the state of California.
Martinez Church Teetering On Eroded Creek Bank Seeks HelpEach week, church members come to the Second Baptist Church in Martinez to worship, but their faith in the building is being tested.
Berkeley Neighborhood Bids Fond Farewell (With Grumbles) to Landmark TreeOne of the oldest living residents in Berkeley has died. Neighbors are sad but some are angry and say it didn’t have to happen.
Sonoma County Home Sales Plummet Amid Surplus Following WildfiresSonoma County home sales have plunged last month following a period of big demand after the wine country wildfires, the clearest sign yet of a housing market slowdown.
Golden Eagle Found Shot In Wing Being Rehabilitated In Walnut CreekBay Area veterinarians are doing everything they can to help rehabilitate a golden eagle after someone shot the bird in the wing.