Facebook's Laser Drones Could Bring Internet To 5 Billion PeopleFacebook showed off plans to provide internet to billions of people around the world using a solar-powered laser drone.
NASA Ames Researchers Monitoring Falling SatelliteA dead 6-ton satellite baffled NASA experts Friday by slowing its descent toward Earth and delaying its ultimate crash until the weekend.
Closer Look: NASA Considers Lasers To Battle Space Junk“Space junk” or debris has become an increasing threat to commercial satellites along with spacecraft and the International Space Station.
Laser Strikes Chopper 5 Over East Palo AltoA person shined a laser pointer at Chopper 5 while covering a fire at a nearby veterans home Monday night.
Defendant Faces Stiff Punishment For San Jose Laser IncidentSanta Clara County prosecutors appear to be getting serious about cracking down on people aiming laser pointers at aircraft. One such suspect is facing a sentence of 25 years to life in prison under California's three strikes law.
Man Arrested In San Jose For Pointing Laser At AircraftA suspect in San Jose was arrested Monday night after allegedly shining a laser at a small airplane and a police helicopter, a police sergeant said.
Bay Area Airports Among Tops In Laser StrikesMore than 170 incidents occurred at the Bay Area’s three major airports last year in which the safety of planes was put at risk by people pointing at them with lasers, federal officials said Wednesday.
Bay Area Airports Big Targets for Laser Plane Strikes