Autism Workshop Helps South Bay Sheriff's Deputies De-Escalate Crisis EncountersThe Santa Clara County sheriff's office voluntarily added an autism workshop 15 years ago as an academy requirement.
San Francisco Mayor Breed Budget Redirects $120 Million From Law Enforcement To Black CommunitySan Francisco Mayor London Breed has proposed a budget that would slash $120 million from law enforcement and redirect it to investments in the city's African American community.
Second San Francisco Sheriff's Staff Member At Hall Of Justice Tests Positive For COVID-19The San Francisco Sheriff's Office confirmed that a second sworn staff member assigned to the Hall of Justice tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday.
Massive GEDmatch Security Breach Exposes 1.2 Million Users' DNA Profiles To Law Enforcement AgenciesA massive security breach forced GEDmatch to shut down its site and exposed the DNA profiles of more than a million people who use the online service to law enforcement agencies.
Vallejo Police Department Bans 'Sleeper Hold' Neck Restraint TechniqueThe Vallejo police department announced Thursday it would prohibit use of the "carotid control hold" -- also called sleeper holds -- as a technique to restrain aggressive suspects resisting arrest.
California Supreme Court: Agencies Can't Charge To Redact Police VideoGovernments must bear the costs of redacting police body camera video before making it public, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts More Citations Instead Of Arrests For Some Offenses In Santa Clara CountySanta Clara County law enforcement will issue citations instead of making arrests for a handful of offenses to promote safety and prevent jail crowding during the spread of novel coronavirus, the county court system announced Wednesday.
Coronavirus Pandemic: 4 New Coronavirus Cases Among San Francisco Sheriff's StaffThree San Francisco Sheriff's deputies and a cadet have all tested positive for COVID-19 as the virus continued to infect the department's personnel.
Police, Sheriffs Hope Enforcement Of Shelter-In-Place Order Won't Be NecessaryPolice officers and county sheriffs deputies will be the ones enforcing the shelter-in-place order that goes into effect Tuesday. In Alameda County, deputies say they hope that enforcement power won't be necessary.
S.F. Police Use of Force Drops by Nearly Half Over Past 3 YearsUse of force by San Francisco police department officers has dropped over the last three years by 47 percent, according to new data released by the department on Friday.
Some San Pablo Residents Uneasy As Police Unveil High-Tech, Long Flying DroneA day after the San Pablo city council unanimously approved an advanced new drone program for law enforcement use, police showed their high-tech gear off at a National Night Out event.