Feds Approve Ecstasy Therapy Study In Marin CountyA team of psychotherapists at a Marin County clinic now have permission to start using ecstasy in therapy trials.
Detailed Maps Offer Glimpse At Bay Area's Underwater LandscapeA joint effort by more than a dozen states has resulted in detailed maps of the sea floor in and around the Bay Area, offering a never before seen glimpse at the underwater landscape.
Hidden Message? Android Seen Urinating On Apple Logo In Google MapsThe Google and Apple rivalry just took bathroom humor to a new level.
Google Turns Maps Into A Giant 'Pac-Man' Game -- Here's How To PlayGoogle is getting a head start on April Fools' Day by releasing its first prank that is sure to decrease productivity all over the world.
Uber Buys San Jose-Based deCarta Navigation TechnologyUber Technologies is buying digital mapping specialist deCarta in a deal that may help the rapidly growing ride-hailing service lessen its dependence on navigation services supplied by Google and Apple.
San Jose's 'Jungle' Homeless Camp Marked On Google Maps, Days Before It's DemolishedAs city police and crews are working to wipe Silicon Valley's largest homeless camp off the map, one anonymous person intends to keep it on another.
Larry Magid: San Jose Domestic Violence Prevention Summit Deals With Stalking & Trafficking Through Technology Our technology analyst reports from a domestic violence prevention conference in San Jose where the focus has been on issues dealing with map apps and geo-location playing into stalking and trafficking.
Bay Area Homeowners Concerned Over Privacy Can Have Google Blur Street View ImagesHomeowners concerned over privacy on Google maps have a new solution.
NASA Ames In Mountain View Plays Big Role In Latest Climate Change StudyHigh-fidelity simulation models displayed at NASA Ames show a temperature map of the Untied States in the year 2100.
Where Can You Fuel Up For Bike-To-Work Day? At least a dozen mayors are expected to join thousands of Bay Area cyclists pumping the pedals to work Thursday.
California Environmental Protection Agency Maps Areas Most Burdened By PollutionThe science-based tool used by state officials identifies the portions of the state that have higher pollution burdens and vulnerabilities than other areas, and therefore are most in need of assistance.