California DMV Chief Calls Driver Frustrated By Red TapeA Bay Area man who’s been slogging through red tape at the Department of Motor Vehicles has gotten a surprise phone call from the director of the agency, who called to tell him his new driver license is on its way.
State Legislators Grill DMV Officials About Long LinesState lawmakers on Tuesday were asking DMV officials how the department spent $16 million to make lines move faster only to have the wait times increase at DMV offices across California.
Spike In San Jose Grass Fires Attributed To Homeless EncampmentsA sharp increase in grass fires in San Jose has resulted in firefighters tracking what’s been determined to be the common link: homeless encampments.
Marine Biologist Explains Increased Shark Sightings In Santa Cruz CountyAfter some two dozen sharks were spotted over the weekend in Santa Cruz County, a local marine biologist who has been studying the sharks explains why he believes sharks are being seen in increasing numbers. 
$2.2M Fed Grant Awarded To Help Homeless Youth In Santa Cruz CountyHomeless youth in Santa Cruz County are about to get a much-needed hand up from the feds. The county is just one of 10 communities in the nation to qualify for a new grant program – a $2.2 million U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development grant.
Flagrant Misbehavior Plaguing BART Caught on CameraA longtime BART rider who says she's seen numerous, blatant incidents of drug use and other illegal activity on trains is frustrated by the agency's inability to keep passengers safe.
Cyclists, Pedestrians Share Space – And Collide – On Stevens Creek TrailPeople who walk the Stevens Creek Trail say speeding cyclists are making it an increasingly dangerous trek.
Walgreens Installs Safes To Prevent Prescription Pill RobberiesWalgreens is taking a cue from the banking business to try to keep people from robbing its pharmacies.
Hidden Credit Card Skimmer Found Inside Gilroy Gas Station PumpA spike in credit card fraud cases in Gilroy over the weekend appears to have been caused by a well-placed credit card skimming device at a gas station, police said.
CHP Launches Crackdown On Growing Number Of Carpool CheatersThe California Highway Patrol has launched a new effort to nab carpool cheaters amid a rise in tickets issued for HOV lane violations.
Former Secretary Of State George Shultz Touts Autobiography And Value Of ExperienceAs the oldest living former U.S. cabinet member, George P. Shultz has more than a typical lifetime of experience and he's eager to share it.