Dazzling Photos Reveal Giant Peaks On Pluto, Canyons On CharonMankind's first close-up look at Pluto did not disappoint Wednesday: The pictures showed ice mountains on Pluto about as high as the Rockies and canyons on its big moon Charon that appear deeper than those on Earth.
Pluto Flyby Thrills Bay Area StargazersIn a voyage a decade in the making, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft swept by Pluto Tuesday. As cheers went up inside NASA’s Mission Control, hundreds of people partying at Chabot Space and Science Center were cheering as well.
Pluto Flyby: Spacecraft Reaches Icy, Mysterious World 9.5 Years LaterWe've made it to Pluto by NASA's calculations, the last stop on a planetary tour of the solar system a half-century in the making.
NASA Releases First Clear Photos Of Pluto With Its Largest MoonAs NASA's unmanned New Horizons spacecraft closes in on a nine-year journey to Pluto, the first clear picture of the icy dwarf planet with its largest moon has made it back to earth.
Glitch Briefly Shuts Down NASA's Pluto-Bound New Horizons ProbeNASA's New Horizon remains on track for it's historic flyby of Pluto next week after recovering from a subtle timing glitch that knocked the probe out of contact with Earth on Saturday.
Pluto's Tiniest Moons Captured For First Time EverThe dwarf planet Pluto may be more than 3.6 billion miles away from the sun, but it's certainly not alone.
NASA Allowing Public To Name Features On Dwarf Planet PlutoNASA has partnered with the International Astronomical Union to allow the public to nominate names for soon to be discovered features on Pluto and its orbiting satellites.
NASA Spacecraft Slips Into Ceres' Orbit For First-Ever Visit To Dwarf PlanetA NASA spacecraft for the first time has arrived at a dwarf planet to begin a 16-month exploration, and scientists are eager to learn more about the mysterious bright spot discovered last month.
NASA Spacecraft Begins 1st Ever Approach To PlutoMan is about to reach closer to Pluto than ever before as the NASA New Horizons spacecraft begins the first of several approach phases toward the dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system.