Sue The Suburbs: One Nonprofit’s Plan To Solve The Housing CrisisSonja Trauss, a self-proclaimed "YIMBY," has a plan to help solve the housing crisis: she’s suing the suburbs.
Christian Center and City of Dublin Sued Over Proposed Sports ComplexA group of homeowners in Dublin has filed a lawsuit against the city and Valley Christian Center in an effort to address noise concerns over a proposed athletics center.
Danville Votes To Build New Townhomes Despite Concerns From NeighborsThe town of Danville voted unanimously to build 37 new townhomes near 680 and a lot of neighbors aren’t happy about it.
Palo Alto NIMBY Fight Over Proposed Girls School Expansion PlanNeighbors in Palo Alto are preparing for a fight against the planned renovation and expansion of a private, all-girls middle and high school they fear will flood their quiet community with cars.
Owner Of 'Flintstones' House Announces Lawsuit Against HillsboroughThe legal battle is heating up between the city of Hillsborough and the owner of the popular if polarizing "Flintstones" home -- a familiar sight for thousands of commuters along the I-280 corridor on the peninsula.
'Flintstone House' Additions Raise Ire Of Hillsborough NeighborsThe infamous "Flintstone house" in Hillsborough has gone through some visible changes over the last year and a half and some neighbors are not happy with the new additions.
Alameda Neighbors Take Stand Against Planned Homeless ShelterNeighbors outraged over a plan to turn an Alameda federal building into housing for the homeless voiced their opposition at a Monday night planning board meeting
Homeless Shelter Proposed for Alameda Opposed by NIMBY NeighborsA proposal for a homeless facility in Alameda, on prime waterfront land that’s ripe for development is not sitting well with some of the island’s residents.
Islamic Group Tries To Allay Neighbors' Fears Over Proposed Mosque In OakleyA Muslim group behind a proposed community center in Oakley says neighbors’ fears are the result of misunderstanding. Still, neighbors are saying NIMBY -- or not in my backyard.
Proposed Low-Income Housing In Marin County Meets NIMBY OppositionOn Monday, Marin County will hold the first of three public hearings on low-income housing. Many homeowners are concerned about what could happen to their property values.
‘Hook-Up Truck’ Mobile Sex Suite Begins Rolling Through Streets Of Oakland, San Francisco’s Mission DistrictThe “Hook-Up Truck,” a box truck that doubles as a sex suite on wheels, began rolling through the streets of the Bay Area Friday night.