Oroville Crisis Drives Harder Look at Aging Dams Across the U.S.Federal regulators who oversee California's half-century-old Oroville Dam say they are looking hard at how they overlooked its built-in weaknesses for decades.
Cost of Oroville Dam Crisis Reaches $870 MillionOfficials say the costs of dealing with last February’s near-disaster at the tallest dam in the country have climbed to $870 million.
Oroville Dam Report Cites "Systemic Failures" By California Water Officials"Long-term and systemic failures" by California officials and regulators to recognize inherent construction and design flaws caused last year's near-disaster at the tallest U.S. dam, an independent panel of dam safety experts said Friday.
Wildfires, Political Unrest, Death Of A Mayor – Top Bay Area Stories In 2017The year began with near biblical downpours and a crumbing dam and ended with the death of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.
Residents Vent Frustrations Over New Oroville Dam CracksNorthern California residents living in the shadow of the nation's tallest dam vented decades of frustration with state water managers Wednesday, telling officials they have no credibility when they say hairline cracks in a newly rebuilt spillway are nothing to worry about.
Rebuilt Oroville Dam Spillway Develops Small CracksCalifornia state officials say small cracks that have appeared in the brand new concrete spillway at Oroville Dam were expected and do not pose a threat.
Oroville Dam Repair Costs Will Top $500 MillionThe costs to repair the nation's tallest dam after a nearly catastrophic failure of the spillways will top $500 million, nearly double the original estimate.
Oroville Dam Records Reveal Confusion Among Officials As Crisis GrewPotentially catastrophic structural failures last winter at America's tallest dam left managers literally in the dark.