Project Homekey: San Mateo Supes Approve Purchasing 2 Redwood City Hotels For Unsheltered ResidentsSan Mateo County's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the purchase of two hotel properties to provide shelter to unhoused residents via the state's Project Homekey initiative.
COVID: Local Counties Moving to Shut Down Hotels for Homeless ProgramSan Francisco, Alameda and other California counties are moving forward on plans to wind down a program that's moved homeless people into hotel rooms amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Project Home: Bay Area Communities Grapple With Lack Of Local Control Under Project HomekeyProject Homekey is the most aggressive action California has ever taken toward ending homelessness, and it's leading to lawsuits in communities across the state.
Project Homekey: Bay Area Counties Receive $73M For Housing Homeless In Final Round Of GrantsGov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday nearly $130 million has been awarded to help house homeless in the Bay Area and across California in the final round of "Project Homekey" grants.
Gov. Newsom Increases Funding For Housing Homeless by $30MGov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that he approved a $30.7 million-increase to California’s Project Homekey, which helps local governments expand housing for those without shelter.
Project Homekey: Newsom Announces $236M In Grants To House Homeless; San Francisco Gets $45M For HotelGov. Gavin Newsom on Monday announced the state has issued a new round of grants totaling $236 million to help house homeless in the Bay Area and California, as part of the "Project Homekey" initiative.
CoCo County Plans to Turn Motel Into Permanent Homeless Support HubContra Costa County plans to turn a 174-room motel in Pittsburg into a permanent support hub for helping homeless residents transition into supportive housing.