Marijuana Convictions Slow To Be Overturned In Parts Of CaliforniaThousands of criminal convictions involving old marijuana cases are just waiting to be overturned in California.
Alameda County DA To Dismiss Nearly 6,000 Old Pot ConvictionsAlameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley has announced plans to dismiss nearly 6,000 old marijuana cases in the wake of a new state law that legalizes the possession and recreational use of marijuana for people 21 and older.
Big Vs. Boutique: Battle Brews In California Weed BusinessDrive by the High Desert Truck Stop, turn down a rutted road by the bail bond signs, slip behind a steel fence edged with barbed wire, and you can glimpse the future of California's emerging legal pot industry.
San Francisco Mayor Breaks Silence On Recreational WeedAs SF city leaders remained deadlocked over what to do about recreational marijuana, Mayor Ed Lee on Wednesday finally broke his silence about the fight over pot.
New Ordinances In Contra Costa Clamp Down On Recreational PotA vote in Contra Costa County Tuesday afternoon put some significant restrictions on recreational pot sales.
Santa Cruz Board Unanimously Approves Recreational Pot Sales Effective Jan. 1The Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the recreational sale of marijuana in the county effective Jan. 1, 2018, according to a county spokesman.
California Treasurer Asks Trump For Guidance On Pot, BankingCalifornia Treasurer John Chiang on Friday appealed to President-elect Donald Trump for guidance on how the state's projected $7 billion marijuana industry can participate in the nation's banking system while pot remains illegal under U.S. law.
San Francisco Mayor Calls For Zoning Controls On Marijuana CultivationSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Tuesday introduced legislation that would require a conditional use permit for indoor agriculture including marijuana cultivation in response to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California.
Big Victories For Legal Pot, But Path Ahead Is UncertainThe number of Americans living in states with recreational marijuana more than tripled after at least three states voted to fully legalize the drug.
Some Critics Warn Of Promised Financial Benefits Of Prop 64While California appears set to follow Colorado's lead on legalized recreational pot, some critics claim voters were fooled by a false promise by marijuana backers in that state.
Pro Prop 64 Ads Aim To Alleviate Parents' Legal Pot ConcernsNew ads supporting marijuana legalization are hitting the airwaves that target concerned parents worried about how recreational pot could affect their kids.