San Francisco Landlords Jump On Bandwagon To Build 'Hacker' HostelsPaying $1,800 a month in rent to share a bunk bed is hard to imagine anywhere but San Francisco. The people staying in them are not complaining. In fact, they apparently like it. But the real winner is the landlord.
Inside San Francisco’s Newest Rentals, Bunk Beds For $1,800 A Month Can’t afford an apartment in San Francisco? So-called “co-creative housing” is offering a bunkbed and lots of company. But is it legal?
San Mateo County Examining Rent Control Ordinance Amid Skyrocketing RentsCounty leaders said the recent tech boom has brought more jobs to the area, and the demand for housing has skyrocketed.
Bay Area Rents Rise By 15 Percent, Faster Than Any Other US Metro AreaThe cost of renting an apartment in Northern California is rising more quickly than anywhere else in the country.
Yelp CEO Reviews His Own Site On 10th Anniversary, Weighs In On Rising San Francisco RentsCEO Jeremy Stoppelman didn't seem disturbed as he sat down to discuss Yelp's evolution in the 10 years since he began working on a way for people to share recommendations about local merchants with Russ Simmons, a fellow engineer he met while working at PayPal.
Bill To Halt Mass Ellis Act Evictions In San Francisco RevivedA bill that would allow the city of San Francisco to limit the mass eviction of tenants in rent-controlled properties has squeaked through the state Senate after the author agreed to make changes.
Analysis: With Bay Area Rents At Record Highs, How Do We Find Relief? According to a new report, rent across the Bay Area has reached record highs. The region has averaged nearly double-digit rises annually for the last three years.
SF Mayor Disputes Link Between Soaring Tech Sector, Rising RentsSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has come to the defense of the city’s technology industry, saying the job growth in the tech sector should not be blamed for skyrocketing rents in the city.
Demand for Office Space Goes Through the Roof in Silicon Valley15 million sq. ft. of office space has been leased in the region this year. Demand for office space seems to be driven by tech sector hiring.
Silicon Valley Rents On The RiseA new report shows Bay Area rents - especially in the South Bay And Peninsula - are climbing quickly.