'Warning Clouds' Above Bay Area Signal Coming Of Wet WeatherThey can be considered Pilots, signaling “bumpy” weather ahead! Some of the altocumulus clouds can develop into towering thunderstorms.
Bay Water Too Cold For You? Blame The WindIn most years, the winds also help push ocean surface waters, churning up cold water from down below. That process, called upwelling, did not happen as much over the winter.
When Will Bay Area Temperatures Climb Back Into The 80s?
KPIX 5 Weather Watcher's Sharp Eye Spots Rare Bay Area Funnel CloudFunnel clouds are rare in the San Francisco Bay Area, but very typical with the chaotic types of clouds we have been experiencing.
Did You Know These Five Facts About Cinco De Mayo?I will be at an outdoor concert providing a Weather Report and introducing a Latin Tribe Band, “Ruckatan” at Mexico Lindo in Pleasanton. You should come and say hi!
Heavy SF Fog May Not Going Anywhere For DaysThe marine layer has remained fairly steady for the past 24 hours at roughly 3,000 feet. This is quite extensive! There will be very little change over the next few days with patchy drizzle at night and early mornings.
Gorgeous Time Lapse Captures Cal’s Century-Old Campanile Swallowed By FogAnd for those unfamiliar with the Campanile, it is the most recognizable building on the University of California at Berkley Campus.
Roberta Pleased To Find High Water Levels At Lake Del ValleYes, the water level at Lake Del Valle is the highest of I have seen in years and I was curious about that, so I visited the fish and bait store and asked why!
Clear Skies, Fog Engaged In Epic Battle Above Bay Area SkiesThe marine layer has returned to the Bay Area with vengeance and we can attribute it to a weak dry, cold front.
Roberta Reveals Her Pick For The Best Bay Area Workout SpotThat would be a YES! I stopped in the store to ask about the Lake's water temperature and any potential hazards I should know about before jumping in the water!
Why Is 'Climate Best By Government Test' The Slogan For Redwood City?Our KPIX extended 7 Day Forecast is broken down into three regions: Coast, Bay and Inland. Technically, Redwood City is considered the Peninsula.
Bay Area Landmark Gets Green Facelift For Earth DayThe iconic “C&H Pure Cane Sugar” sign was erected in 1956 and is a landmark known throughout the Bay Area.
Why Is The Center Of U.S. Meteorology Smack In The Middle Of Oklahoma?Great question! While my main purpose was to visit my son at the University of Oklahoma, I did indeed visit the National Weather Center which is located on the university's campus.
Being A Weather Anchor Won't Save You From All Travel HeadachesOur plane was tossed about by severe thunderstorms when the Pilot announced the Houston airport was closed due to weather.
Great Surf Weather Arrives With An Added Warning For Beach Goers