Trump Jr. Confirms Meeting With Russian Lawyer Offering Damaging Clinton InfoPresident Trump's eldest son was promised information from a Kremlin-linked lawyer that would be helpful to his father's campaign, Donald Trump Jr. confirmed Sunday
WSJ: GOP Operative Sought Clinton E-mails from Hacker, Said He Worked with FlynnA Republican opposition researcher, who implied he worked with Michael Flynn, tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's e-mails which he believed were hacked by Russia, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.
Former Central Valley Dairy Farmer Leads Trump-Russia Investigation in CongressRep. Devin Nunes, born and raised in Tulare, is running one of the most scrutinized, complex and politically-fraught congressional investigations in recent memory.
GOP California Congressman Calls for Special Prosecutor in Probe of Russia-Trump TiesCalifornia congressman Darrell Issa told Bill Maher he wants a special prosecutor to investigate whether Russia was in touch with Pres. Trump's team during the 2016 campaign.
After Intel Brief, Trump Says Hack Had No Impact On ElectionAfter a briefing from the nation's top intelligence officials, President-elect Donald Trump said Friday he is confident Russians did not affect the outcome of the U.S. presidential election but he didn't say whether he now accepts the intelligence assessment that Moscow did meddle in the race.
No Doubt Russia Interfered In Election, US Intel Chief SaysBrushing aside Donald Trump's dismissiveness, the nation's intelligence chief insisted Thursday that U.S. agencies are more confident than ever that Russia interfered in America's recent presidential election.
States Re-Examine Security After Russia-Linked Malware Targets Utility In VermontVermont's Burlington Electric Department confirmed Friday it had found malware code used in a Russian hacking effort.
Putin Says Russia Won't Expel US Diplomats In Hacking FlapPresident Vladimir Putin castigated the United States on Friday for imposing sanctions and expelling Russian diplomats amid allegations of Russian meddling in the American presidential election, but said no U.S. diplomats will be ousted in reprisal for Washington's moves in the wake of hacking attacks.
Russian Diplomats Kicked Out Of San FranciscoRussian consulate officials based in San Francisco have been given 72 hours to leave the country as part of a sweeping response to election hacking issued by President Barack Obama on Thursday.