NASA Launching Satellites To Study Magnetic Fields Just As Sun Unleashes Monster FlareNASA is launching a fleet of spacecraft Thursday to investigate the mystery behind a cosmic phenomenon in the Earth's magnetic field just as the sun unleashed its first massive flare of the year.
Elon Musk Confirms Plans To Launch Satellites For 'Low-Cost' Internet Access World-WideSpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk confirms plans to launch a fleet of small satellites to deliver low-cost Internet access around the world.
SF-Based Planet Labs To Increase Fleet Of 71 Mini Satellites To Take New Images Of Entire Earth Every DayA Bay Area firm that makes low-cost satellites the size of shoe boxes is planning to increase the fleet of orbiting devices in order to take new images of the entire Earth every day.
Breakthrough Research From Stanford Uses Satellites To 'See' Groundwater Levels Amid DroughtResearchers at Stanford University have come up with a way to measure the amount of groundwater in the Earth from readings taken hundreds of miles above the planet, a technique that could revolutionize management of groundwater resources.
Google's Purchase Of Skybox Imaging Could Be Satellite Fleet's Launch Pad Google is buying Skybox Imaging in a deal that could serve as a launching pad for the Internet company to send its own fleet of satellites to take aerial pictures and provide online access to remote areas of the world.
Google Plans To Launch Satellites To Expand Global Internet Access Google's latest efforts to expand Internet access around the world includes plans to launch over $1 billion worth in low-orbiting satellites.