Razor-Thin Margin Separates Sausalito City Council Candidates With Handful Of Ballots Left To CountTwo weeks after Election Day, the race for a seat on the Sausalito City Council is still undecided. As of Monday night, the vote margin is razor thin.
Teens Arrested In Sausalito After Car Stolen With Dogs Inside; 1 Dog Left Abandoned In San FranciscoTwo teenagers were arrested in Sausalito after allegedly stealing a car with two dogs inside, then abandoning one dog in San Francisco after they deemed it "too annoying."
Sausalito License Plate Cameras Locate Stolen Car Used In San Francisco BurglaryA car stolen in Sunnyvale and used as the getaway vehicle in a San Francisco jewelry store burglary was spotted by police license plate readers in Sausalito Thursday, prompting a police chase in which the driver escaped on foot.
Sausalito Plate Camera Reader Leads To Suspect Arrest For Auto TheftA man was arrested in Sausalito after a license plate camera alerted authorities the car he was driving had been stolen, according to police.
Sausalito Gradually Reopening Downtown Parking Lots To Reduce CongestionThe gradual reopening of municipal parking lots in Sausalito will continue this weekend in an effort to reduce congestion in the city's downtown area.
Coronavirus Update: Sausalito Warns Of Weekend Crackdown On Non-Essential Travel, Fines Up To $500Sausalito police say they will be enforcing parking restrictions and issuing citations for non-essential travel and social distancing violations this weekend.
Sausalito Officials Close Parking Lots, Pledge a Crackdown on Lockdown ViolatorsSoaring temperatures sent homebound Bay Area residents flocking to beaches and parks Saturday, forcing Sausalito officials to shut down public parking lots and threaten to begin issuing citations to visitors violating the local shelter-in-place order.
Customers Scarce As Sausalito Businesses Slowly Reopen After COVID-19 ShutdownBusinesses in Sausalito are slowly reopening after weeks of being closed and although business is slow, one ice cream shop is hoping for the best.
North Bay Nonprofit Feeds Thousands Of Students, Guides Them Toward SustainabilityFor providing organic meals and environmental sustainability guidance to Bay area children and others, this week's Jefferson Award in the Bay Area goes to Judi Shils.
Sausalito Neighbors Fearful Of Man's Dogs After Series Of Vicious AttacksSome residents in Sausalito say they are being terrorized by two dogs in their neighborhood.
Sausalito Police: Burglary Suspect Arrested After Refusing To Leave HomePolice arrested a 34-year-old man Thursday afternoon after he allegedly entered a Sausalito home, took clothes from the basement and refused to leave.