Hundreds Of California State Workers Boosting Pensions By MoonlightingCalifornia jobs records show many full-time state workers are moonlighting with second jobs in the same department.
California Wades Into National Labor DebateCalifornia voters are being asked to starve unions of the tens of millions of dollars they use to finance campaigns and political organizing, as the nation’s largest state wades into the national debate over labor clout.
Law Restricts Pension Cuts For California State WorkersThe bulk of the projected savings in the pension-reform deal announced by Gov. Jerry Brown won’t be felt for decades because most of the proposed changes will affect employees who have yet to be hired.
Phil Matier: New Report Shows High Salaries For State EmployeesCalifornia's State Controller John Chiang has released another report showing the high salaries of some state employees.
Gov. Brown Signs Contracts With 6 State UnionsGovernor Jerry Brown on Monday signed legislation to enact labor contracts for more than 50,000 prison guards, attorneys, engineers and other state workers that are expected to save more than $300 million a year.
California State Senate Approves Contracts For 6 UnionsThe Senate has approved six labor contracts covering more than 50,000 prison guards, engineers, scientists and other state workers.
Remaining Calif. Employee Unions Reach AgreementAll state employee unions now have contracts or tentative agreements after the last three bargaining groups reached deals with the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown.
California Controller Wants Increased Transparency After Bell ScandalMore than a dozen state agencies paid some of their top executives more than $300,000 in 2009. That information comes as part of an ambitious effort by the state controller to make government employee compensation public after last year's scandal in Bell.
Whitman Reduces Proposed Government Job Cuts To 33,000A shrinking state work force has prompted Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman to revise the number of state government positions she wants to eliminate.
Sovern Nation: California Court Rules Governor's Power Not UnilateralIt was a two out of three decision for Gov. Schwarzenegger, after the California Supreme Court on Monday upheld his order to furlough state workers. KCBS' Doug Sovern is on the Campaign Watch, where he reports it was a major victory for part of the governor's budgeting plans.
Judge Halts State Worker Furloughs