East Bay Scholar Envisions Career Helping, Defending Others After Father Receives 2nd ChanceThere's a special kind of trauma children separated from a parent can experience, the effects of which sometimes linger for years. Priscilla Cardenas has experienced both heartache and healing as her dad left - and then came back into her life.
East Bay Student-Athlete, Father Team Up For Her SuccessFor some Students Rising Above Scholars their story is as much about them as it is their family. And that is certainly the case with Naja Ji Jaga and her father, Dedan.
USF Student Glad To Be Staying Home With Mom After Surviving Tough Times TogetherFor some Students Rising Above scholars, going away to school is a dream-come-true. But for Versia Gipson, home is where she wants to be, with her mom who also happens to be her best friend. The University of San Francisco sophomore and her mom Alice Gipson are the best of friends.
North Bay Student Maximus Vega Overcame Huge Obstacles To ExcelIf this Students Rising Above story were a movie, it would probably be more of a buddy film than an action thriller. Either way, it would have two leads, each sharing the role of hero.
UC Berkeley Student Envisions Career Helping People Like Herself Achieve Despite ChallengesFor many students, graduating at the top of their high school class, then getting into their dream college is their top goal. But for Keila Audelina Calderón Ordoñez, success means putting her family and community first.
East Bay Scholar Presses On Through Online Learning; Seeks To Serve CommunityMany students are struggling with the stress that comes with online learning, but Miguel Angel Moya is using this time to reflect on how he can serve his community after graduation. Like most college students in California, Moya  is spending his freshman year leaning into his computer for hours online. The 18-year-old human biology major is fatigued.
SRA: Teen's Battle To Keep Siblings Together Leads To Loving Adoptive HomeAndrea Taylor-Alarcón's journey with her new family has been filled with lots of love and special moments but also some heartbreak.
Oakland Scholar Leaves Bay Area Bubble To Discover Chicago Music SceneFor Students Rising Above Scholars, leaving the Bay Area to go to college is nothing new, many do just that. But A'Nya Johnson left her beloved hometown Oakland not just for education but possible future job experience following a passion, her love of music.
Students Rising Above: Balbo High Student Strives To Help CommunityThis week's Students Rising Above scholar is a San Francisco activist who uses education as a way to empower herself and others, with her academic success making a positive impact for communities of color in the Bay Area.
Students Rising Above: Mission High Teen Set Sights On College In AtlantaThis week's Students Rising Above scholar finds his inspiration for academic success close to home, but hopes to attend one very special college back east.
Students Rising Above: San Rafael Scholar Heads To Oxford For StudyThis week's Students Rising Above scholar has achieved amazing academic success here in the United States. Now she is headed to England, inspired by her family's journey and her own love of some very special literary characters.
Students Rising Above: A Look Back at 2020COVID-19 and political and civil strife marked the year 2020 and our SRA coverage has reflected that upheaval. Michelle Griego hosts a special look back.
Vallejo Animator Found Her Passion Despite Numerous HardshipsFor Lucy Lopez, art is an escape and a calling. But it's also a career choice the 19-year-old UC Merced student says she was discouraged from making.
UC Berkeley Grad Draws Comfort, Inspiration From Late Father During Trying TimesLosing a parent is one of the most traumatic events anyone will ever go through. So when Cynthia Ramirez-Parra saw her mother be hospitalized, she turned to what some may see as an unconventional place for comfort, her late father's graveside.
SRA Scholar Applies To California Colleges To Stay Close To Family In San FranciscoLike many high school seniors, San Francisco student Samir Hooker is finishing his last year virtually, studying at home due to COVID-19, while applying to colleges.