Study Suggests Housing Santa Clara County’s Homeless Is Cheaper Than Letting Them Live On StreetsA new long-term study shows that it actually might be cheaper to build housing for the homeless than to allow them to live on the streets.
Two Bay Area Locales Included In List Of 10 Most Fit Cities In U.S.However, neither of the two cities made the #1 or #2 spots.
Cheese May Be The Secret To A Healthier LifeA team of Dutch scientists trying to figure out the French paradox discovered that cheese and dairy consumption may be the secret to a healthier lifestyle.
12 Stats Showing Young Adults 'Unfriending' Jesus Christ This EasterJesus Christ, whether believed to be God incarnate, a prophet or just a man, is undeniably polarizing, controversial, or inspiring for billions, and with that in mind, researchers set out to determine how Jesus is viewed this Easter, 2015.
Music For Cats: Scientists Successfully Create Music Made Specifically For FelinesCats think it's purrfect.
Common Birds May Be Spreading Lyme Disease In California More Than Known, Study ShowsIn study released Wednesday, UC Berkeley researchers say that the role of birds in the spread of Lyme disease within California is more important than previously known.
Study Says Music Helps Young Couples Fall In Love EasierThose who believe in "love at first sight" thing might have to rethink things—it's looking like music may have a surprising impact on young lovers.
Binge-Watching Linked To Loneliness, Depression, ObesityBinge watching your favorite shows online can cause feelings of loneliness and depression.
Feds Spend $423K To Fund Study Effects Of Sex Apps Like Grindr On Gay Men's PromiscuityThe Federal government spent over $400,000 for studies on smartphone apps gay men use to hookup.
Electric Cars May Not Be So Great For Environment, Study ShowsPeople who bought an electric car, thinking they were saving the environment, might be doing more harm than they think.
2nd Transbay Tube Being StudiedBART has released a comprehensive plan for the next decade that could include a second transbay tunnel in its effort to increase Bay Area service.
Marijuana's Active Ingredients May Have Power To Kill Aggressive Brain CancerMarijuana’s active ingredients have the power to kill a certain type of aggressive brain cancer, according to a new study.
Report Says Active Earthquake Fault Running Through Site Of Hollywood's Largest Planned DevelopmentThe project includes 39-story and 35-story skyscrapers that would dwarf existing buildings.
Google Glass Creates Dangerous Blind Spots, Could Be Dangerous For Driving Says Group Of UCSF OphthalmologistsOphthalmologists are warning Google Glass users to watch out for blind spots.
Daily Madden: Technology Can't Replace Good Coaching In The NFLWith NFL game video now readily available on a variety of devices, more players are taking it upon themselves to check out the competition. John Madden said it's a troubling trend.