Blue & Gold Fleet Moves to End Ferry Service to Angel Island From SFBlue and Gold Fleet service from San Francisco to Angel Island may end due to declining sales, a company spokeswoman said Friday.
Appellate Court Ruling Blocks Public Access To Disputed Tiburon Hiking TrailsThe California Court of Appeals has ruled that four hiking trails on the 110-acre Martha Company property in Tiburon have not been dedicated to the public use by its owner. Those trails include Ridge Trail and the Spanish Trail.
Tiburon's Police Chief Retiring After 12 YearsChief Michael Cronin is resigning after 12 years amid a blacklash over his handling of the George Floyd protests and a recent incident involving an officer and the only Black shop owner in Tiburon.
Video: Tiburon Police Officers Confront, Question Black Business Owner In His Own StoreThe Marin County town of Tiburon is buzzing about a video that shows police in an early morning confrontation over the weekend with an African-American business owner moving merchandise into his own store.
Marin County Starts State Waiver Process For In-Class InstructionsMarin County will start accepting waiver applications Friday for elementary schools looking to reopen for in-person learning, even as many teachers continue to resist the idea.
Wealthy Mexican Property Owner Won't Face Charges In Son's Boating DeathA Belvedere man who had been arrested on manslaughter charges after a weekend boating accident killed his 11-year-old son and injured a second son would not face charges, according to authorities.
Man Arrested After Son's Tragic Boating Death Is Wealthy Mexican Property DeveloperAn 11-year-old Tiburon boy died, his bother was injured and his father arrested on manslaughter charges in a boating mishap near Angel Island on Sunday, authorities said.
Study Shows Boats Anchored by Sausalito Cause Significant Harm to Bay EcosystemAccording to a study by Audubon California, the illegal mooring of private boats has caused significant damage to the seafloor habitat of Richardson Bay.
Former Marin Resident Guilty In Shooting Deaths Of Deer Eating His PlantsA former Tiburon man has pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor charges in connection with the fatal shooting of a doe and a fawn in 2017.
Uber Driver Hired to Take Shoebox From SF to Tiburon Finds Drugs InsideAn Uber driver nearly became an unwitting courier for a drug delivery after he was asked to drive a box of sneakers with a stash of suspected fentanyl from San Francisco to Tiburon, authorities said Saturday.
Beautiful Tiburon Property Up For Sale With Massive Price TagOne of the most gorgeous pieces of land in the Bay Area with views of the San Francisco skyline and both the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge is up for sale, but the parcel currently comes with a huge price tag.