Study: COVID-19 Testing Proving Fiscally Costly For San Francisco Bay Area CountiesResearchers at UC Berkeley estimate that the costs of testing for the coronavirus and treating confirmed COVID-19 cases across California already has topped $2.4 billion and some Bay Area counties are enduring the state's highest per-capita costs.
UCSF Leads Team Mapping Blueprint For How Coronavirus Attacks Human CellsAn international team led by UCSF scientists have discovered how a range of existing drugs may fight the coronavirus on a cellular level.
Coronavirus Update: FDA Gives Gilead's Coronavirus Drug Approval For Emergency UseFoster City-based Gilead Sciences' experimental drug -- remdesivir -- has been granted FDA approval for emergency use to help coronavirus patients make quicker recovery from infections.
Coronavirus Update: Fauci Calls Foster City-Based Gilead's COVID-19 NIH Test Results 'Quite Good News'Foster City-based Gilead Sciences announced Wednesday that its experimental drug -- remdesivir -- has proved effective against COVID-19 in a major U.S. government study that put it to a strict test.
Coronavirus Update: 'Convalescent Plasma' Treatment Could Help Current COVID-19 PatientsScientists say something called "convalescent plasma" may hold promise in treating people with the coronavirus, but research is being held up by the current lack of testing. 
FDA Approves First Treatment For Kids With Peanut AllergiesThe first treatment for peanut allergies is about to hit the market.
Condo Attack Victim Blasts San Francisco Mayor As City Struggles With Mentally Ill HomelessThe woman who was attacked in a now infamous video as she tried to enter her San Francisco condo on Wednesday blamed the city's mayor for the attack.
Comfy Sobering Center In San Jose May Be A Win-Win For CommunityThe Mission Street Sobering Center in San Jose aims to change attitudes toward public drunkenness by helping them out and offering amenities.
AP Exclusive: Costly Plan Aims To Stem Inmate OverdosesA federal official who controls medical care in California prisons wants as much as a quarter-billion dollars a year to provide medication intended to ease a record increase of fatal drug overdoses among inmates.
Family House Provides Temporary Home For Families With Children Undergoing Cancer TreatmentBay Sunday host Kenny Choi welcomes CEO Alexandra Morgan of Family House, a non-profit that provides temporary housing to families with children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
Much Anticipated Alzheimer's Treatment Fails In Large Clinical StudyEli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s treatment failed in a large clinical study, ending hope that researchers had finally found a drug that can slow the fatal, mind-robbing disease.