Facebook Reduces Role Of Editors, News Outlets For ‘Trending Topics’ After Charges Of Liberal BiasAfter being accused of suppressing conservative views, Facebook is reducing the role of "human judgement" in its Trending Topics feature.
Facebook Dropping Input From News Outlets For ‘Trending Topics’Facebook says it is dropping its reliance on news outlets to help determine what gets posted as a "trending topic" on the giant social network, a move adopted after a backlash over a report saying it suppressed conservative views.
Zuckerberg Tries To Mend Fences With Angry ConservativesFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is meeting with conservatives, including radio host Glenn Beck, to discuss claims that its "trending topics" feature is biased against their viewpoints.
Facebook CEO To Meet With Conservatives Over 'Trending Topics' ControversyThe meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, is in light of a report that Facebook employed bias in the way it selected stories for its "Trending Topics" feature.
Facebook Disputes Claims Of Suppressing Conservative 'Trending' StoriesA Facebook official says the company has found no evidence to back up allegations that Facebook contractors suppressed stories of interest to conservatives in its "Trending" section.
Former Facebook Employees Admit Manipulating ‘Trending’ TopicsFormer Facebook employees who worked on the influential “Trending” news section reportedly suppressed popular news stories from conservative sources and added stories to the section that were not popular at all.