Injunction To Block Shortened Time Frame For Census Data Collection Goes Before Federal JudgeA federal judge in San Jose heard arguments Tuesday on a preliminary injunction that would block the U.S. Census Bureau from shortening the time frames for gathering and processing data for the 2020 census.
Lawsuit: Census Count Ending Early So Apportionment Can Take Place On Trump's WatchThe cities, counties and civil right groups involved in a lawsuit challenging the decision are asking a federal judge in San Jose to stop the Census Bureau from ending the head count at the end of September.
U.S. Census Bureau Delays Field Operations 2 Weeks Due to COVID-19 PandemicThe U.S. Census Bureau is delaying all field operations as a result of the nation's efforts to delay the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus.
San Francisco Ranks In Top 5 For Business And Cultural Opportunity WorldwideSan Francisco also ranked third in world for intellectual capital and innovation, up from the fifth spot in the previous survey.
Census Data Confirms San Francisco, San Jose Have Highest Median RentsJust how high are rental units in San Francisco? New Census Bureau data shows that the City by the Bay has the highest median rents among the country's largest cities.
Census 2012: Bay Area Income And Poverty Levels UnchangedAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau poverty and median income levels in the United States are holding steady, but what does that mean for the Bay Area?
Aid Organizations Report Ranks Of Silicon Valley Poor On The RiseDespite reports of a stronger Silicon Valley economy and job market compared to the state and nation overall, aid organizations are reporting helping record numbers of low-income families in the area.
Silicon Valley Drops To 2nd Place In National Income RankingNewly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the Silicon Valley has slipped behind Washington D.C. as the country's wealthiest area.