Coronavirus Update: UCSF Partners With State To Train Thousands On Contact TracingUniversity of California at San Francisco will partner with UCLA and the California Department of Public Health to train thousands of residents across the state.
UCSF Leads Team Mapping Blueprint For How Coronavirus Attacks Human CellsAn international team led by UCSF scientists have discovered how a range of existing drugs may fight the coronavirus on a cellular level.
Coronavirus Update: UCSF Sets Up COVID-19 Ward At Mount Zion ComplexUC San Francisco Health began accepting patients Wednesday at a new Mount Zion medical center ward reserved for COVID-19 coronavirus patients.
Coronavirus Update: UCSF Performs Its 1st COVID-19 'Liquid Gold' Convalescent Plasma TransfusionIt’s been described as “liquid gold” by some. Convalescent plasma given by COVID-19 survivors could help those in danger of losing their own battles with the virus.
Coronavirus Update: UCSF Doctors, Nurses Travel To Treat Navajo Nation Members With COVID-19A group of physicians and nurses at University of California San Francisco traveled to Arizona and New Mexico to treat members of the Navajo Nation who have contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus.
UCSF Offers Free COVID-19 Tests To CA Counties; Cal Launches Asymptomatic StudyResearchers at Northern California universities are not wasting any time in the race for more COVID-19 testing and research to find a cure.
84-Year-Old Marin County Woman Battles Back From Bout With COVID-19By now, it’s understood that some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus are seniors, especially those with serious underlying medical conditions. KPIX met with 84-year-old Doris Bloch, who told her amazing survival story.
Coronavirus Pandemic: UCSF Testing High-Tech Gene Technology To Detect COVID-19 InfectionsUniversity Of California-San Francisco researchers have begun using CRISPR gene-targeting technology to test for the presence of the coronavirus.
Coronavirus Update: San Francisco Medical Personnel Join NYC Coronavirus Battle; Curry Delivers Surprise MessageA group of 20 UC San Francisco health care workers -- 12 physicians and eight nurses -- boarded a flight to New York Saturday to join the battle against the coronavirus in that city and were treated to a special shoutout from Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry.
UC San Francisco Seeks Citizen Scientists To Learn More About COVID-19UCSF scientists are hoping that a newly reconfigured research app goes viral and generates data that can be used to fight against the coronavirus.
Scientists Focus On Antibody Tests That Could Be Key In Getting People Back To WorkScientists in the Bay Area and around the country are focusing on antibody tests that could determine who has recovered from the coronavirus without ever knowing it. The results could be key in getting people back to work.