Blue Surgical Masks Of Little Help To Novato Residents Breathing Unhealthiest Air In Bay AreaBay Area residents have been breathing smoke from wildfires burning across the Bay Area, but in the past few days Novato’s smoke has been three times as dense, three times as thick -- some of the worst air in the Bay Area.
Weather Service Cancels Red Flag Warning Over Threat Of Lightning; Spare The Air Alert Extended To WednesdayThe National Weather Service canceled a red flag warning Monday for the San Francisco and Monterey bay areas as the broad scale threat of lightning passed the region.
Wildfire Smoke Creating Problems For COVID-19 Patients, At-Risk ResidentsWhile the smoke from the many fires burning in Northern California is unpleasant for local residents,  in the era of COVID-19, it can lead to some serious health risks.
Rain Begins Cleansing Smoky Bay Area SkiesUmbrellas replaced mask faces on Bay Area streets early Wednesday as a storm front began to clear out a layer of unhealthy air that had been draped over the region for nearly two weeks.
Bay Area Residents Breathing In Half A Pack Of Cigarettes A DayFor more than a week, Bay Area residents have been battling headaches, coughs, scratchy throats and clogged sinuses brought on by a layer of unhealthy air draped over the region from the Camp Fire.
Face Masks Can Help Filter Out Bad Air – If Worn CorrectlyPeople have been lining up at hardware stores and other locations in the Bay Area to snap up face masks to minimize their intake of unhealthy air.
Bay Area Restaurants Exempt From Spare The Air DaysThe stagnant weather in the Bay Area has prompted a string of Winter Spare the Air days for the region, but not everyone has to abide by the rules.