San Bruno Officials Denounce Gov. Brown’s Veto Of CPUC ReformsSan Bruno city officials were “extremely disappointed” Friday by Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of half a dozen bills intended to reform the California Public Utilities Commission in the wake of a deadly pipeline explosion.
Mayor Ed Lee Pledges To Veto Rolling Stop Legislation For San Francisco BicyclistsSan Francisco Mayor has pledged to veto any legislation allowing bicyclists to roll through stop signs on city streets.
Why Is Governor Brown Striking Down More Bills Compared To His First Term In Office?Governor Jerry Brown has been busy in recent weeks signing and vetoing legislation. Political analyst Melissa Griffin Caen has more on his decisions.
Gov. Brown Vetoes Diaper Changing Station Bills; Leaves It Up To Private Sector Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a pair of bills that would have made diaper changing stations available in both men's and women's restrooms.
Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill Allowing Multiple ParentsGov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have let judges declare that some California children have more than two legal parents.
Gov. Brown Explains Logic Of His 11th-Hour Bill Signings, VetoesGov. Jerry Brown managed to both satisfy and frustrate just about everybody as he signed and vetoed hundreds of bills over the weekend.
Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Schools To Consider Race In Admission PoliciesGovernor Jerry Brown has vetoed a controversial bill that would have allowed public state universities to consider race as a relevant factor in their admission policies.
Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill To Expand Commuter BenefitsThe bill was modeled after local ordinances already adopted in San Francisco, Berkeley and Richmond mandating that employers either subsidize workers’ carpool or public transit expenses, or provide bus service or other free transportation to work.
Next Step In California Budget Debate Remains UnclearWith 10 days left before California starts a new fiscal year, Democratic and Republican lawmakers are looking to Gov. Jerry Brown for his next move. What that is, he's not saying.
California Lawmakers Speculate Next Move Following Brown's Budget VetoGovernor Brown's unexpected veto on Thursday, California still does not have a budget and state lawmakers are scratching their heads about what to do next.
Brown's Veto Could Spark 'War' Over California BudgetWith lawmakers united only in their anger at Gov. Jerry Brown, the coming days and weeks won't be pretty, experts predict.