Drought-Stricken California Boosts Conservation In MarchResidents of drought-stricken California doubled their water conservation efforts in March compared with the month before by turning off their sprinklers when the rain fell and changing habits, officials said Tuesday.
California Fails To Meet Water Conservation Goal For First Time Since JuneCalifornians missed the state's monthly 25% water conservation target for the first time since enforcement of the cutbacks began in June.
San Jose Offering To Convert Your Thirsty Lawn Into A Drought-Tolerant Paradise For $500As the drought continues to diminish California's bodies of water, including San Jose's iconic Guadalupe River, the City of San Jose announced that it is introducing another incentive to help conserve water.
Punished For Conserving, Californians See Water Rates Rise As Cities Lose Money In DroughtIn parched California, water departments are increasing rates and adding fees because they're losing money as their customers conserve.
Drought Surcharge, Rate Increase Takes Effect For EBMUD CustomersEast Bay customers will pay more for their water now that a drought surcharge and rate increase has taken effect.
Neighbor Wasting Water? Here's How To Get Them Conserving Without #DroughtShamingIn an environmental era marked by passive aggressive #DroughtShaming social media posts, a Bay Area nonprofit is giving tips for (nicely) reminding neighbors to turn off those lawn sprinklers and garden hoses.
Benicia Water Board Reduces Conservation Target In Response To Residents' Exemplary Efforts"Benicians deserve to be congratulated for their hard work... our conservation rate in April was among the highest in the state, " City Manager Brad Kilger said in a statement.
FULL LIST: How Much H20 Your Bay Area Water Agency Is Expected To SaveFirst-ever statewide mandatory water restrictions in California went into effect Monday, impacting nearly everyone at home with a combination of rate increases, surcharges and penalties.