EBMUD Approves 8 Percent Rate Hike To Pay For Critical System ImprovementsEast Bay Municipal Utility District's board of directors unanimously approved a two-year $2.25 billion budget that will increase water rates by 4 percent each year.
EBMUD To Meet On Proposed Water, Sewer Rate Hikes Set For JulyThe East Bay Municipal Utility District is holding a public hearing Tuesday on a proposed 8 percent rate increase for tap water and wastewater over the next two years.
Drought Ravages California's Reservoirs Ahead Of Hot SummerAlong with other California reservoirs, Lake Oroville is shrinking with surprising speed amid a severe drought, with state officials predicting it will reach a record low later this summer.
Brentwood Combats Drought By Offering Free Recycled Water To ResidentsStarted during the last water shortage, an innovative program in Brentwood offering recycled water to residents is once again growing in popularity amid a new drought.
California Drought: South Bay Water Officials Vote For Rate Hike To Pay For Infrastructure, Conservation ProjectsSouth Bay water officials on Tuesday voted unanimously to greenlight a series of rate hikes to pay for water projects in the region and begin preliminary studies on the contentious Pacheco Dam Project.
EBMUD Seeks To Increase Water, Sewer Rates By 4% Annually In New BudgetOfficials with the East Bay Municipal Utility District announced Monday that the agency is seeking to raise water and wastewater rates starting in July.
South Bay Water Officials Draw On Distant Reserves, Weigh Options As Drought DeepensWhile drought conditions are upon the Bay Area, water officials in Santa Clara County plan to draw from distant reserves for now and seek to increase storage and expand water recycling in the future.
Santa Clara County Residents Asked To Voluntarily Cut Water Use By 25 PercentThe Santa Clara Valley Water District voted to ask residents to voluntarily cut back water usage by 25 percent and passed incentives to motivate people to conserve water.
U.S. Drought MonitorEvery Thursday, federal water officials update the U.S. Drought Monitor showing the levels of arid conditions across California, the West and the nation. Click to see the update to date conditions on Northern California.
Surviving Drought Tips -- Around The HomeWith Northern California in the grips of worsening drought conditions as we head into the summer months, here are some tips from state water officials on how to make your home more water efficient.
Drought-Stricken Marin Putting Into Place Tough Water Use RestrictionsAs another drought grips the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County has become the first local municipality to adopt tough new water use restrictions as local reservoir levels continue to drop to alarming levels.