SF Supes To Vote On Ban Of Performances Using Wild AnimalsSan Francisco is poised to ban performances using bears, lions, elephants and other wild animals.
Grass Valley Woman Discovers Commotion In Her Kitchen Is A BearA Grass Valley woman assumed the commotion in her kitchen was her husband coming home for lunch Monday, only to enter the room and find a bear looking through her fridge for food.
Coyote Attacks On The Rise In Saratoga, County Installs TrapsThe Santa Clara County Vector Control District has placed snare traps in a Saratoga neighborhood where residents complained recently of coyotes attacking animals and walking too close to humans, a district official said.
New Veterinary Hospital Opens At Oakland ZooA ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Thursday at the Oakland Zoo’s new 17,000-square foot veterinary medical hospital, which is now the largest wild animal veterinary facility in Northern California.
San Franciscans Learn To Live With Urban CoyotesCoyotes are an increasingly visible fact of life in many San Francisco neighborhoods, often straying beyond protected parkland and inspiring both awe and fear in residents.
4th Mountain Lion In 3 Weeks Spotted In PescaderoTwo small mountain lions were seen in the San Mateo County community of Pescadero Thursday morning, the fourth time a sighting has been reported in the area since the end of September, county officials said.
Mountain Lion Spotted Near Peninsula SchoolA mountain lion has been spotted for two consecutive mornings on a ridge near Pescadero Elementary School, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office said Friday.
Mountain Lion Death Provides Important Reminder