Injured Crow Released Into Wild After San Rafael Cop MishapAn injured crow rescued by a San Rafael police officer was released back into the wild Wednesday after suffering a compound fracture to its wing, police said.
Growing Number Of Dead Birds Show Up On Bay Area BeachesBirds known as murres are dying in record numbers, with many dead birds ending up on Bay Area beaches. Experts said warmer oceans are behind the die-off.
Wildlife Workers Release Mother Duck And Ducklings Rescued From San Francisco Storm DrainWildlife caretakers released a duckling back into the wild Tuesday after its siblings and mother were saved by CHP officers in June.
Tree Trimming Can Put Bay Area's Baby Animals In Peril, Wildlife Advocates WarnWhile spring is the time of year when many property owners around the Bay Area begin tree trimming, wildlife advocates want them to take caution because it's also nesting season for animals that are fast becoming orphaned.
Raccoon Euthanized After Being Found Shot Multiple Times With Crossbow Darts In OaklandA raccoon was euthanized after being found shot with five crossbow darts in Oakland over the weekend, according to an animal protection organization.
Volunteers Provide Knitted Nests To Help Rehabilitate Abandoned Bird Chicks In San RafaelA wildlife conservation group in Marin County that cares for hundreds of orphaned baby birds has enlisted an army of knitters to make nests for the rehabilitating chicks.
Marinwood Firefighters Rescue Baby Bird With Garden Hose And VacuumThe bird was taken to WildCare in San Rafael where he was treated for a small scrape above his beak.