Here come the holidays! It is traditional to take to the shops in the days after Thanksgiving, starting the holiday gift-giving season. And nowadays, the tradition even extends to our computers with the sales and excitement of Cyber Monday. Even as we are overwhelmed by commercialism, the spirit of giving can still bounce back. God Bless Mr. Scrooge and all his ilk, but for those who want to make merry with the shopping, here are a few tips from style consultant Kimberly Grant for Cyber Monday bargain hunters. Shop till you drop (or your mouse faints away, whichever comes first).

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Kimberly Gant, a personal image consultant at EPIC, has several years of experience in the fashion industry. Some San Francisco retailers she has worked for include Gymboree and Sephora. She believes everyone can look fabulous with the help of an objective eye, and hers is certainly well trained in the fashion realm. Her love of people, fashion and style make working for EPIC a perfect fit, and she loves giving fashion advice. Here are a few tips that Gant was kind enough to provide for Cyber Monday shoppers in the Bay Area.

Tip 1

Don’t forget to pre-shop. Before the sales start, make sure you’ve made notes about the correct sizes for your favorite brands or specific items. If you can, check out items of interest in person so you can see the colors and the quality firsthand. Remember the old saying: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Don’t miss out by being unprepared.

Tip 2

Be quick to click! Lots of folks will be shopping online on Cyber Monday. If you see something you want, buy it right away. Otherwise, you may be disappointed by sold-out merchandise. Nobody likes to find the perfect item only to discover they’ve lost out by waiting too long. If you know you want it, go for it. Just make sure you’ve researched the company’s return policies (and done your comparison shopping) before you start on your shopping adventure.

Tip 3

Refresh your browser. Things can change quickly in the cyber world, For example, inventory may be refreshed throughout the day. But if you don’t remember to refresh your browser, you may be looking at old information. Be a clever cyber consumer and remember this simple technique. It can make a big difference in your shopping experience. That must-have item you thought was sold out might just reappear as if by magic.

Tip 4

Focus your search and map it out. It always pays to do your homework. Know in advance what interests you most in your favorite brands and categories. Then be sure bookmark the sites you want to visit ahead of time. Remember, you are in a race against time to get there first and seal the deal. The more you know ahead of time, the better your shopping experience will be.

Tip 5

Preregister. Remember the boy scout’s motto and “Be Prepared.” Go to your sites ahead of time and establish all of your account information such as shipping address and billing details. Then when you are ready to start shopping, you won’t lose time adding all of that information. Also, when you sign up, be sure to check for any special coupons or discounts you can take advantage of on shopping day.

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