The Bay Area’s got our scary share of haunted houses and spooky spots. Steel your nerves, brave readers, as we explore Haunted Bay Area.


Toys ‘R Us

130 East El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA
Toys ‘R Us Sunnyvale

Since the 1970’s the Sunnyvale Toys ‘R Us has been a haunted hot spot. With visits from famous psychic Sylvia Browne and an appearance on ‘That’s Incredible’ this toy store features much more than bouncy balls and Barbie dolls. According to store employees, the ghost is a harmless 19th century preacher named Johnson. Head to Aisle 15C and take a whiff. Smell flowers? That’s Johnson!

USS Hornet

707 W Hornet Avenue
Alameda, CA
USS Hornet

This World War II-era Naval ship is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. Since 1943, over 300 people have lost their lives on the USS Hornet, many rumored to be suicides. Tools move, massive doors open and close and long, lost soldiers roam the narrow hallways. See for yourself. The USS Hornet is open to the public and on special evenings, the brave are invited to spend the night.

Moss Beach Distillery

Beach Way and Ocean Boulevard
Moss Beach, CA
Moss Beach Distillery

Home to the Blue Lady, the Moss Beach Distillery’s famous hauntings are said to be the result of a tragic love triangle gone awry. The often playful ghost makes herself known in various ways, from walking the cliffs at night (typical) to hacking into the Distillery’s computer system and changing all of the dates to the establishment’s opening year, 1927. Don’t be fooled, however. The swaying lamp in the bar is no longer the work of the Blue Lady, but the shenanigans of the owners.

Mystery Spot

465 Mystery Spot Road
Santa Cruz, CA
Mystery Spot

It’s certainly not haunted, but mysteries abound at the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. No one has ever been able to explain the scientific reasoning behind phenomena such as billiard balls rolling uphill, the ability to stand at extreme angles without falling, objects falling at angles instead of straight down and humans actually shrinking up to 8 inches on the spot. Think you can figure it out? Good. Let us know what you find out!

(credit: Joseph Eid/Getty Images)

840 Powell Street Basement

840 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA

Legend has it, the ghost of a survivor of the Titanic haunts the basement of this apartment building. According to lore, Dr. Henry Washington Dodge was so upset at implications of his cowardice in surviving the Titanic’s sinking that he marched down to the basement of 840 Powell and shot himself. Henry missed, but suffered a massive head wound and managed to stagger to the lobby where he was found. Dr. Dodge died 3 days later in a San Francisco hospital and apparently, still roams the basement of his former home.

Curran Theater

445 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA
Curran Theater

It’s not just costumes actors that can be seen roaming the storied halls of this old theater. The Curran has been home to real life ghost tales for decades. The most popular involves a mobster who mistakenly shot a ticket taker in 1933, but according to psychics, over 300 specters and spirits roams the aisles at one of San Francisco’s most popular show-stopping spots.


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